Harry Styles Shows Off Thigh Tattoo, Poses With Chelsea Handler’s Butt [Photo]

Is Harry Styles going cougar hunting?

The One Direction singer was recently photographed hanging out with talk show host Chelsea Handler, and he looks pretty happy to be squeezed on a couch with the comedienne in the picture below. Chelsea seems to share Harry Styles’ enthusiasm — as you can see, his name is plastered on her butt.

“Just sitting here watching James cordon giggle,” Handler captioned the saucy Instagram snapshot.

Harry was probably disappointed that Chelsea decided to keep her rear end covered up for their attention-grabbing photo. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Chelsea has proved time and time again that she doesn’t mind showing skin on social media. In her most recent risqué photo, she can be seen showing off her bare butt while working out with her beloved dog Chunk.

According to Gossip Cop, no one seems to know why Harry Styles and Chelsea Handler are hanging out together. And as People points out, some One Direction fans simply don’t seem to care about Chelsea’s presence in the picture above — they’re more interested in Harry’s new thigh tattoo.


— Through the dark. (@Paperplane94) April 18, 2015

but let’s talk about that thigh tattoo can’t let me breathe for one day goddamn harry styles — niwa (@narryswhisper) April 18, 2015

No one has figured out what Harry’s tattoo is supposed to be, but there’s speculation that it’s a doe or a whale. The whale would make sense because Harry already has quite a few nautical-themed tattoos.

The tattoo is way too blurry to make out, but Chelsea Handler’s Instagram caption may provide a clue about her photo’s other great mystery. She mentions Late Late Show host James Corden in it, so perhaps she and Harry Styles were filming a bit for Corden’s talk show.

Corden is a longtime friend of Styles and the other members of One Direction. According to the Mirror, Styles and Corden even shared a kiss on the British game show, A League of Their Own. You can check it out below.

Or perhaps, Corden was playing matchmaker by trying to set 40-year-old Chelsea Handler up with 21-year-old Harry Styles. According to Gossip Cop, some One Direction fans expressed their dismay that Harry is spending time with another blonde babe in the photo above. And as Metro points out, Harry did once date a much-older woman — he was just 17 when he had a fling with 31-year-old Caroline Flack. Maybe Ed Sheeran’s recent comments about Harry Styles’ manhood piqued Chelsea’s interest in the boy band star.

What do you think Harry Styles’ new tattoo is supposed to be, and why is spending time with Chelsea Handler and James Corden?

[Image credits: Kris Connor, Brendon Thorne/Getty]