Marvel May Redo ‘Howard The Duck,’ George Lucas Says

This past week has been a big one for movie fans — perhaps one of the most exciting ever. Not only is excitement for Avengers: Age of Ultron at an all-time high, but we were treated to a stellar Ant-Man trailer, a tear-inducing Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser, and the first Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser. With all the geek excitement surrounded these huge franchises, it’d be easy for this particular piece to fall between the cracks, yet this little bit of insight from filmmaker George Lucas warrants a second look, as strange as it may be.

In an interview with Stephen Colbert at the Tribeca Film Festival, George Lucas said he believed Marvel would redo the Howard the Duck movie at some point in the near future, Cinema Blend reports. While Howard The Duck may have been weaving his way in and out of Marvel comics for some time now, it’s been a while since he’s appeared on the big screen in a lead role.

If you’ll recall, George Lucas and Lucasfilm took a stab at a Howard the Duck movie back in 1986 to not so great effect. Between the goofy premise, the weak script, and not much else to make up for it, it was a critical failure, and is considered by the Los Angeles Times to be one of the costliest flops of all time.

So why does George Lucas think the character will soon be up for a reboot of sorts? Simply put: technology. Back when the film came out in 1986, they had a small man fitted with a costume, but it wasn’t the right approach.

“You can’t put a dwarf in a duck suit and make it work… I have a feeling that Marvel is gonna redo it because of the technology we have today.”

While it may seem like an incredibly strange thought, Lucas may not be incredibly far off. If you’ll recall, Howard the Duck recently made a cameo in the post-credits scene of Guardians of the Galaxy (and he can also be seen in the background of some of the shots in the actual movie), though Gunn has made it clear that that scene was only done for fun, rather than in the spirit of teasing a potential Marvel franchise, Empire Online reports.

Either way, we’ll just have to wait and see. Considering the direction the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going, it’s not clear if there’s much room for the likes of Howard. But Marvel has a tendency to surprise us, so who knows what the future will bring.

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[Image Credits: Huffington Post, Marvel Wikia]