Kate Middleton Baby Name To Have A Modern Twist, Delivery Wing Details Exposed, New Child To Boost Economy

Kate Middleton’s second child is due any day now, and discussions over the location of the birth and the possible name for her newborn at currently at a fever pitch.

According to CNN, Royal Commentator Victoria Arbiter, whose father was Queen Elizabeth II’s press secretary, the pair are likely to continue with tradition and name either Prince George’s new little brother or sister after another member of the royal family.

Arbiter, who previously predicted that the Duke and Duchess would name their first child George, spoke to E! Online about the Royal baby naming conundrum.

“There has been a lot of talk about James, but people kept saying that they wouldn’t pick James because of James Middleton, the reason more they wouldn’t pick James is because Prince Edward’s son is called James.

“I don’t think they will want to repeat the name of a current living member of the Royal family. Perhaps a middle name. You might see Michael in there for a middle for a boy, but not a first name.”

However, it’s also been teased that they could bring a modern twist to the name by breaking with tradition and incorporating a family name from Kate Middleton’s side. Another compromise could be to include one name from the prince’s family and another from Middleton’s.

Names to have been suggested so far include Carole (which would be after Kate’s mother), Valerie (after Kate’s paternal grandmother), Mary (after Kate’s great aunt and a plethora of women in William’s ancestry), and Olive (after Kate’s paternal great-grandmother).

Meanwhile, further details of St. Mary’s Hospital’s Lindo Wing, where Kate Middleton is due to give birth at some point over the next few days, have emerged too.

Middleton gave birth to Prince George in this section of the exact same hospital almost two years ago, and it’s believed that the room is usually rented for $8,135 per night. For this price, it boasts a “dedicated hotel services team,” while it also has its own satellite TV, a radio, a phone, and an “extensive and nutritious menu” that caters for “special dietary, cultural, and religious requirements.”

Kate’s birth will reportedly be led by Dr. Alan Farthing, who was part of the team that was led by Dr. Marcus Setchell (Queen Elizabeth II’s former gynaecologist) who oversaw the birth of Prince George, but has since retired.

The birth of Kate Middleton’s second child is also set to boost the British economy by around $115 million, according to experts, via Hello Magazine. This is nowhere near the $400 million that Prince George’s birth brought in back in July 2013, but if their child is a girl, then it’s expected to have a greater financial impact in the long-run. That’s because people will be expected to purchase the equipment, clothes, and toys that Middleton’s provides for her new child.

[Image via Vanity Fair]