Widow Hires Strippers To Dance Around Dead Husband’s Coffin At Funeral

There are many funeral traditions, but the one that Mrs. Jian had is quite unique. She hired two scantily-clad strippers to dance around her dead husband’s coffin. She wanted to give him a send-off that wouldn’t be forgotten. As this has gone viral on the internet, you can say she succeeded.

She said that her husband always had an eye for the ladies, according to Metro, so this was a fitting tribute of sorts. Mr. Jian suffered a stroke before passing, and during his life, Mrs. Jian was said to be very devoted and tended to his every need. She also stayed by his bedside when he became ill.

Friends and family of the deceased were, understandably, shocked by the bizarre spectacle. The two women, clad in black lacy underwear and lingerie and thigh-high black boots, gyrated and danced to Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger,” even draping themselves over the coffin at times.

Many of the mourners seemed more interested in taking video with their phones than in the normal funeral traditions. The video of the spectacle can be seen here.

Amazingly, strippers at funerals have links back to the mafia in Taiwanese culture, according to Diamond Celebrities. As far back as the 1970s, Taiwanese funerals have often been know to feature strippers. In Taiwanese culture, sexy dancers are often hired to attract crowds. The belief is that the more people who attend the funeral, the greater the honor is given to the deceased and the better life they will have in the next life, according to the Mirror.

The strippers also have their own transportation method called electric flower cars. They are open air trucks equipped with stripper poles for ease of mobility during funeral and festival procession. Just when you thought that you’ve heard everything.

So what is usually a somber, sad event became something that the attendees will talk about long after the event, just as Mrs. Jian wanted.

Would you ever attend or have a funeral with scantily-clad dancers for someone? Some people believe in remembering the deceased in a positive manner and not have a sad event, as some people indicate that they want a celebration of their life, not of their death.

However, there are grisly deaths in which no type of life celebration could be held. El Paso police are currently investigating the deaths of two people in an apparent grisly murder-suicide case, according to the Inquisitr.