Gina Michelle, Target of Britt McHenry’s Rant, Tried To Get Media Attention For 10 Days

The Britt McHenry insult victim has been identified, as reported by the Inquisitr. Gina Michelle — a single mother of three children — released through a statement her wishes that Britt not be fired. However, the woman at the receiving end of McHenry’s wrath was still too upset to come to work, reports the Daily Mail. According to the report, one of Michelle’s colleagues at Advanced Towing Company claimed that McHenry hasn’t personally apologized to Gina.

“[McHenry] hasn’t apologized in person. [Gina] hasn’t come into work today because of all the attention it has gotten.”

Because of biting remarks that criticized everything from Gina’s weight to her supposed lack of teeth, Britt’s viral video tirade has launched Twitter trends calling for the ESPN reporter to be fired. Those on the opposite spectrum who support McHenry, on the other hand, highlight what they call are predatory practices at Advanced Towing in Arlington, Virginia.

Meanwhile, a photo of Gina from her Facebook page has finally put a face to the name, and has helped folks visualize the target of McHenry’s insults. More details about the infamous interaction with Britt have emerged, along with McHenry’s seemingly hypocritical Facebook post urging folks to be nice to one another, as reported by the New York Daily News.

“I have the entire transaction on video tape of Brittany McHenry. I have her insulting the dispatcher telling her to lose weight and belittling her for doing her job. As a woman in the public eye and posting on her Facebook page about negative words hurting others, is this appropriate? She parked her car and came back 2 hours after the establishment closed (meaning she was not a customer the whole time) and insulted another woman’s weight. Is THIS ok?

And when I post the video you’ll say I deserved to be called fat. Bottom line is she got towed. She should not have left her car unattended in a private lot to patronize another bar. Be angry or upset, you don’t insult someone’s looks because you think you’re above them.”

The 28-year-old McHenry is certainly getting tons of feedback on her Facebook page, and Britt’s Instagram page is now private. However, users like Alisha on Twitter have screenshots of Britt bragging on Instagram about waging war against Advanced Towing Company before her melee of a meltdown went totally viral.

@BrittMcHenry So when will you apologise to the lady you belittled? Y’know Gina Michelle?

— Cher M (@jamdownrocks) April 17, 2015

[Image via Facebook]