Sober Living Companion? Kim Richards Refusing Rehab, Prefers Live-In Help [Report]

Could a sober living companion save Kim Richards? Following the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s April 16 arrest, many reports have claimed the former child star could soon head to rehab. However, the latest report claims Richards would prefer a sober living companion.

On April 17, a source told Radar Online that Richards was refusing rehab and requesting a sober living companion to help her get back on track. Unfortunately, her family doesn’t seem to be on board with the idea and feels she needs a more intense treatment plan than a sober living companion.

“Kim knows that she needs help, but she is refusing to go to rehab. She doesn’t want to be away from Monty and with Brooke’s second wedding coming up, it’s just not a good time. Instead, Kim wants a sober living companion to live with her.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Richards was arrested on Thursday morning at the Beverly Hilton Hotel after she reportedly became “belligerent” and went on a “drunken rampage” at the hotel’s restaurant, the Polo Lounge.

“Kim seems to think the sober living companion would prevent her from drinking again, but her family thinks it’s a terrible idea. It’s just a glorified babysitter, and it does not address Kim’s problems.”

A sober living companion would certainly be a good thing for Richards, at some point. However, when it comes to the early stages of recovery following a relapse, one might argue that Richards would benefit further from a more strict routine. Clearly, whatever steps Richards was taking to stay sober weren’t working, so now is the time when she should be focusing hardcore on a program that will last.

In addition to Radar’s source’s claims about Richards’ sober living companion plans, the source also claimed Richards’ reported relapse may not have been her first slip-up in recent months.

“If anybody thinks Kim fell of the wagon for the first time because she watched the RHOBH reunion, well, they need to go buy oceanfront property in Arizona. The drinking had been getting worse over the past few weeks, but to blame it on the show is just Kim’s attempt to deflect responsibility for her addiction.”

On April 16, hours after Richards’ arrest, E! News gave details about the incident. According to the site, the reality star was described as “belligerent with slurred speech and reeking of a strong odor of alcohol.”

No word yet on who Richards’ sober living companion may be.

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