Michael J. Fox Talks Accepting Parkinson’s Diagnosis, ‘Back To The Future’ Reunion Confirmed

Michael J. Fox appeared on the David Letterman Show earlier this week to discuss Parkinson’s Awareness Month, and the topic soon turned to his diagnosis and how he handled it.

The actor was only 29-years-old when he was originally diagnosed with the condition, and he admitted to the iconic talk show host, via the Mirror, that he only accepted it once he stopped “whining and whinging” about it.

Letterman probed the 53-year-old, who has helped to raise awareness of the disease through his repeated events and charity raising antics, about how he first felt when he was told he had Parkinson’s.

“It was pretty scary,” the Back to the Future actor admitted. “I was 29-years-old and so it was the last thing I expected to hear.”

When he was asked how he dealt with the news, Fox explained, “Certainly there are things on the face [of it] that are much worse, that are terminal and really hopeless situations and it wasn’t that.”

He continued, “I just knew I was going to have to make adjustments and I didn’t know what I was gonna have to adjust to. But, to be corny about it, once you accept it and you learn about it and you realise you’re part of a community and you realise you’re in a position to do something and to make a difference and to help, well then it’s just like quit your b****** and get on with it.”

Fox originally visited the doctor because he believed that he’d injured his shoulder doing “some stunt” and this had resulted in him having a “twitch in [his] pinkie.”

“The doctor said, ‘You have Parkinson’s disease. The good news is that you have 10 years of work left.’ That was 22-years ago and I’m still working,” Parkinson declared to the applause of the crowd.

Meanwhile, it’s also been revealed that Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd will reunite at a Back to the Future screening in London later this summer. Fox and Lloyd iconically portrayed Marty McFly and Dr. Emmet Brown in the Back to the Future trilogy, and, alongside numerous other members of the original cast, they will mark the 30th anniversary of the classic 1985 film at the Showmasters London Film and Comic Con this July.

The cast, which will include Lea Thompson and James Tolkan, will answer a special Q&A session, while those in attendance will also be able to take photos in front of the 1885 clock tower, 1955 clock tower, and the time-traveling DeLorean itself.

[Image via TVMania]