The ‘Ultra Street Fighter 4’ PS4 Release Date Is Almost Here — Here Are The Details

The Ultra Street Fighter 4 PS4 release is only a month away, unlike its PlayStation 4 exclusive sequel. The latest version of the fighting game that brought the genre back from a long absence in the limelight is hitting Sony’s latest console on May 26.

This may be Capcom’s way to counter the recent release of Mortal Kombat X. After the announcement of a gay character in the game, angering its male, audience as previously reported by the Inquisitr, PlayStation 4 owners may be looking for an alternative.

That alternative is now about a month away.

Another fact that has irked many about NetherRealm’s latest fighter is the DLC characters, meaning that they didn’t get the full game they paid for. The Kombat Pack and Goro are paid add-ons, though according to game creator Ed Boon, you can unlock everything in the Krypt instead of paying for it.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 on PS4 could put Mortal Kombat X to shame with an already massive roster including every character in one complete downloadable package. There may be a patch later on, but according to Gamnesia, the input lag that plagued the PS3 version will be eliminated. It wasn’t stated whether there would be a graphical upgrade.

The Street Fighter 5 release date is still unknown, though Amazon has it listed for a March 31, 2016 launch. The official roster has yet to be confirmed, but PlayStation 4 owners won’t need to wait long for some fighting game action to rival the somewhat disappointing release of the latest Mortal Kombat.

Other Ocean Interactive is set to pull a fatality on NetherRealm’s franchise by giving us Ultra Street Fighter 4 with every character and every stage for only $24.99 in both Americas and Europe, half of what you’ll currently pay for its rival.

Will Ryu, Guile, and the rest of the World Warriors officially deliver a flawless victory for PlayStation 4 owners when the Ultra Street Fighter 4 PS4 port arrives next month?

[Image via IGN]