Miranda Lambert Is Showing The Men Just How It’s Done

The “Little Red Wagon” singer and better half of Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, is hot right now, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lambert is the only female artist nominated for Entertainer of the Year at the ACM Awards. How exactly does the country star feel about it? In a word, “proud.”

Lambert spoke with People about her nomination and just what it means to her. People asked her just how it felt to be the only female nominated for the prestigious award.

Lambert responded, “I feel that it’s my responsibility to kind of wave that flag for all the female artists out there, because it takes a lot of work to get a nomination for entertainer of the year and so I’m proud to go and be that person.”

Lambert is taking her “responsibility” very seriously and is certainly waving a flag for all females. Lambert also shared how she was asked personally to create a song for the upcoming female-driven comedy Hot Pursuit.

Lambert shared how one of the film’s star asked her personally to do the song for her film.

As seen on Rolling Stone, Lambert said, “Reese [Witherspoon] texted me and told me about the movie and wanted me to write something or sing or both. I got inspired.”

Lambert also added, “It was a bit of a Thelma and Louise theme and that’s totally up my alley. It is really so fun to be part of it.”

This will mark the first time that Lambert has done a song solely for a motion picture, and she is more than proud of her work.

“Reese sent me some notes of some things that were in her brain about it, and then I got together with two of my favorite female songwriters in Nashville and came up with a song. It’s a country song because I’m singing it but it’s also got a Latin feel because of [Sofia Vergara’s role in the film]. That was something new for me. I’m really proud of it. And we did it so quick – within a month!” explained Lambert.

“Two of a Crime” will be available for download on iTunes the week before Hot Pursuit’s release on May 8. You can also catch Miranda Lambert, who is nominated for a total of eight awards and is also performing, at this year’s ACM Awards on CBS this Sunday.

[Photo Courtesy of Theo Wargo/Getty Images]