'Fast And Furious 7' Update: Eighth Installment Could Be The Last In Franchise

Fast and Furious 7, the newest film in the hit racing franchise, was a huge success at the box office, as it broke records and became the highest-grossing movie in the series to date. Normally, whenever a film has the success Furious 7 enjoyed, a follow-up movie or more is in order. However, according to James Wan, there might only be one more feature left before they call it quits.

In an interview with the Daily Beast, Wan explained that he might not direct another Fast and Furious movie, and hinted that the future of the series might be short lived.

"I think it's a great idea for Justin [Lin] to come back. Justin had such a big part to do with where this series has gone, it would be amazing if he closed it out."

It's still unclear exactly what was meant by Wan's words of closing it out, but they seem to possibly point towards an end for the series in the near future. Despite Wan's beliefs, Universal says that it has plans for three more films to follow Fast and Furious 7. Their official statement on the matter is "if people keep seeing them, we'll keep making them."

With that in mind, several cast members have already hinted at returning for Fast and Furious 8. During his time on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Vin Diesel hinted at a possible reprisal of his role in the hit franchise. He also dropped news that the next film will see the cast members in New York City. The ending that Wan and producers had originally planned needed to be adjusted following the death of Paul Walker in November of 2013.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is another one of those planning on returning. "Possibly, possibly," Johnson recently revealed during the MTV Movie Awards.

"I think we let [Furious] 7 come out, which it has, then Fast 8. … whatever we come up with for Furious 8, we've gotta raise the bar in terms of action, yes, I think, but in terms of story and character."

Johnson went on to discuss the film's success so far, calling it "just bananas," adding, "Whether it did ten dollars or a million dollars, the fact that fans love the movie and it was a great tribute to Paul" were good enough reasons for him to label the movie a success.

Fast and Furious 7 has grossed over $250 million in revenue worldwide.

[Image Courtesy: Universal]