Peyton Manning Parting Ways With Indianapolis Colts [Inside Sources]

Peyton Manning has been an Indianapolis Colt for 14 years and inside sources say that relationship will come to an end by Wendesday night, just one day before he is set to receive a $28 million roster bonus.

The announcement is expected to come during a Wednesday press conference where both Manning and owner Jim Irsay will be in attendance.

The announcement comes after Manning underwent three neck surgeries after suffering a 2011 season ending hit. Peyton’s surgery included fusing two vertebrae.

The Colts in the meantime have the No. 1 draft pick in the 2012 NFL Draft where they are expected to pick up Stanford QB star Andrew Luck, the youngster is expected to become the future of the team.

With four years left on his contract Manning wanted to continue his relationship with the Indianapolis Colts and he is expected to find a new home for the 2012-2013 season.

The Colts must make their decision official by 4 p.m. ET to void Manning’s $28 million payment.

Cleared medically to play during the 2012 season Manning was seen throwing in a Colts helmet with shoulder pads and a Colts jersey this past Friday at Duke University.

Doctors have cleared Peyton Manning to pay and he has undergone aggressive throwing sessions with experts claiming that his throwing strength has dramatically improves as the nerves in his arm continue to regenerate.

In the meantime the Indianapolis Colts are hoping to rebuild its team around Andrew Luck and with Manning’s salary taken out of the equation the teams salary cap over the next several years will dramatically improve, allowing for more offensive and defensive acquisitions as needed.

Manning will leave the Colts after taking the team to the playoffs 11 times while winning seven AFC South titles in eight years, two AFC championships and a Super Bowl title with a Super Bowl MVP Award. Manning literally hold every single major team record at the quarterback position. During his time with the Colts Peyton Manning has been a four-time league MVP.

Do you think the Indianapolis Colts have made the right decision by parting with Peyton Manning while taking a chance on Andrew Luck?

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