UFC Star Conor McGregor Says That He Would Kill Floyd Mayweather In Less Than Thirty Seconds

There always seems to be a debate between MMA and boxing fans as to which sport produces the better fighters, and generally, MMA fighters and fans have a lot more respect for boxing than boxing fans and boxers have for MMA. But, it appears that UFC star Conor McGregor doesn’t have much respect for boxers, as he says that he would kill Floyd Mayweather in less than thirty seconds.

McGregor spoke with Esquire, and said that he doesn’t look at fighters who are only good in one are as specialists, he sees them as rookies in ten other areas. He says that every boxer — including Floyd Mayweather — wouldn’t have a clue what to do if McGregor decided to grab a hold of their legs and take them down.

“I don’t look at a man who’s expert in one area as a specialist. I look at him as a rookie in ten other areas. If you can box, what happens if I grab hold of your legs? If you put me face-to-face with Floyd Mayweather-pound-for-pound boxing’s best — if I fought Floyd, I would kill him in less than thirty seconds. It would take me less than thirty seconds to wrap around him like a boa constrictor and strangle him.”

The boxing vs. MMA debate will almost certainly continue for the rest of time, no matter how many examples we get of one sport producing the superior fighters. So far, the only example we’ve gotten of a high-level boxer taking on a high-level MMA fighter was when James Toney took on Randy Couture at UFC 118, where Couture smothered Toney, and submitted him via arm-triangle choke in the very first round.

McGregor is certainly one of the best featherweights the UFC has to offer, and he’s set to take on the UFC’s featherweight champion Jose Aldo in July at UFC 189 in Las Vegas. Most people are picking Aldo to defeat McGregor, but McGregor certainly isn’t lacking confidence going into the fight, and he’s solely responsible for the fight between the two getting as much press as it has.

Some MMA fans have compared McGregor to Chael Sonnen, saying that he’s all talk, but McGregor has backed it up since he signed with the UFC in 2013, as he’s undefeated in his UFC career, and he hasn’t lost a fight since 2010, where he lost to Joseph Duffy at CWFC 39 via submission.

[Image via Jeff Bottari / Getty Images]