WWE News: Daniel Bryan Update — Will He Miss ‘Extreme Rules’?

This past week, WWE pulled Daniel Bryan off of the European tour and sent him home. Apparently, there are some concerns about Bryan’s health, and WWE wants him to go get checked out before he gets back into the ring. Bryan is set to take on Bad News Barrett at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view on April 26, but there are now some concerns that he may end up missing the show.

Bryan has been getting some heat backstage because of his refusal to change his in-ring style, even though it would benefit him more in the long-run if he did. Also — according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer — the reason that Bryan is banged up is because of the match he had with Sheamus on the first SmackDown following WrestleMania. Sheamus did receive a lot of criticism for being careless in the ring after that match, and his carelessness is on the main reasons why Bryan is banged up. You can read Meltzer’s comments from last night’s Wrestling Observer Radio below.

“He’s all banged up, and they’re not sure what’s wrong, so WWE sent him home to get checked. I don’t know what the status of him is when it comes to the pay-per-view. He’s supposed to wrestled Bad News Barrett, and that’s obviously up in the air.

It had to do with that match with Sheamus. He got banged up on that one, so WWE had been taking care of him on the tour, but they figured that it was smarter to just send him home.”

Meltzer also compared Daniel Bryan to Chris Benoit, who also had a near career-ending neck injury in 2001, and refused to change his in-ring style when he returned to WWE in 2002. Benoit’s state of mind at the time was that if he couldn’t continue to wrestle the way he wanted to, then he would retire. It’s likely that Bryan feels the exact same way.

On top of Bryan’s injury issues, he’s dealing with the fact that WWE doesn’t believe in him, so he feels that he constantly has to prove himself to them. Furthermore, there’s the idea that smaller guys have to do more to “get over.” So, it’s likely that Bryan feels like he can’t slow down, and wants to keep wrestling the way he always has, even if it may put his health in jeopardy.

If Bryan does end up wrestling at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view, there’s a good chance that WWE will take the Intercontinental Championship off him.

[Image via WWE]