Did The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Creators Reveal The Death Of A Major Character?

The popular HBO show, Game of Thrones, is not afraid of killing off characters. But the show’s creators may have revealed that one of its leads may be gone after this season.

During an interview with Variety, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss were discussing how the goal of Game of Thrones was always to be daring, and that included killing off a heroic character. Weiss noted that he anticipated people to “freak out” following the death of Ned Stark (Sean Bean).

“I didn’t know if we knew the level at which they would freak out but we knew that if people cared about the show then the fact that the guy who was on the poster got his head chopped off would probably shock some people.”

With the mention that Bean appeared on the poster for the first season, Benioff added that the poster for the current season features Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage). And that’s when the Game of Thrones co-creator made this comment.

“Bad sign for Tyrion this season.”

Benioff didn’t mention anything beyond that little tidbit, but with the poster of Tyrion about to square off with a dragon, it certainly could spell trouble for the beloved Game of Thrones character.

While Season 5 just started, Benioff mentioned that the scripts for Season 6 are currently being written. As for how much longer he thinks Game of Thrones will last, Benioff said he’s not quite sure.

“I think we’re heading into the home stretch. Hopefully, we’ll have a clear answer soon.”

Benioff added that there’s the possibility that Game of Thrones goes on for “another four years,” but he said that may be a bit much.

“We know what the end is, and we’re barreling toward it. So the idea that we’re going to try and stretch it out by an extra couple years just because we’re all having a good time doing it and people are making money off it just feels like it would be a betrayal.”

Prior to Sunday’s premiere, the first four episodes of Game of Thrones leaked online, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. Representatives believe that the leak may have come from someone who was given press screeners for review purposes.

Even though fans had the opportunity to watch the episodes online, a lot of them seemed to wait until it officially premiered on HBO. A separate Variety report indicates that the Game of Thrones Season 5 premiere drew in 8 million viewers, the most so far for the series.

[Image credit: HBO via Rama’s Screen]