Amber Rose Loves Her Stripper Past, Says Men Are Intimidated By Her

Amber Rose says she doesn’t regret the time that she spent as an exotic dancer. “Best time of my life, it was so much fun,” the 31 year-old blonde bombshell told Kandi Burruss on the set of the reality star’s talk show, Kandi Koated Nights.

“Listen, I don’t have any sob stories about me dancing – I had the time of my life,” Rose said with even more conviction, the Daily Mail reports.

When the conversation turned to her love life, Rose revealed that she’d only been on two dates since she split from her ex-husband, rapper Wiz Khalifa, in September. Amber said that she thinks men are intimidated by her, perhaps because of her past relationships.

“I swear on my child, no-one tries to get with me. When men meet me they’re very intimidated by me.”

The bald-headed beauty also disclosed that the couple of dates that she’s been on have been pretty underwhelming.

“I’m all about chemistry, if it’s not there, it’s not there.”

In a recent Instagram post that featured a photo of her and Khalifa kissing, Amber revealed that she still loves her ex-husband deeply.

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa
Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa in happier times

She repeated that sentiment on the talk show. “I’m trying. I waited a long time for my husband to come home and he didn’t,” she said “I love him, we have a baby together. He’s always my family no matter what.”

But there seems to be no plans for Rose and Khalifa to get back together romantically. The two have agreed to be civil towards one another in order to raise their son Sebastian, Amber says.

“I think we’re just working on our friendship right now and co-parenting for Sebastian.”

Recently, an insider source told that Amber is claiming that she and Wiz are just friends because he rejected her, in favor of an open relationship.

“Amber made a move to get back together and Wiz appreciated that. They definitely have been hooking up and Amber says it’s the absolute best sex of her life” an insider reveals, noting that Amber has called the make-up sex with Wiz “earth shaking.”

Amber also took time on Kandi Koated Nights to shoot down rumours that she was set to become the new in-house critic on Fashion Police.

“No, that is not true. No-one has reached out to me. Who am I to critique anyone?’ Rose told Kandi and her co-hosts. ‘It’s not my type of show. I need to do what I’m comfortable with.’

Amber Rose’s full interview on Kandi Koated Nights aired on Wednesday on TGITV.

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