Beer Pong Rape Case Lands Maryland Man In Prison For 150 Years

A beer pong sexual assault scheme had landed Maryland man Joey Pointdexter in prison for the next 150 years. The Montgomery County man sexually assaulted multiple men that he met at beer pong tournaments, according to court documents. While Pointdexter was convicted of sexually assaulting five men, Montgomery County prosecutors believer there were at least 24 more beer pong rape victims.

Joey Poindexter, 40, was sentenced on Wednesday in Montgomery County Circuit Court after two trials related to the Maryland beer pong rape concluded. Poindexter was found guilty on 11 counts of second- and third-degree sex offenses. Maryland prosecutors say Poindexter met several of the men he sexually assaulted at beer pong tournaments, including one held at a bar in College Park.

The Maryland prosecuting attorneys said that Joey Pointdexter is a “sexual predator” unlike any they have ever experienced in Montgomery County. “He hunted human beings. He knew what he was about. He did it in serial fashion for years,” John McCarthy, Montgomery County prosecuting attorney said.

Pointdexter “preyed on young men” at the Maryland beer pong tournaments, according to the prosecution. He got the young men drunk while playing beer pong, then drugged and ultimately sexually assaulted them, court records states.

Maryland law enforcement officers first learned of the beer pong sexual assault scheme when one of the male victims came to the police station to report the attack. The victim reportedly agreed to wear a wire and confront Joey Pointdexter. “If it makes you feel any better I don’t have any [expletive] aids,” Poindexter reportedly said in the police wire recording.

Montgomery County police investigators also testified that the beer pong rapists took photos and videos of at least 30 sexual assault victims. The law enforcement officers found “thousands” of explicit images on his computer hard drive. To date, the Maryland police officers have only been able to identify five of the beer pong sexual assault victims.

Joey Pointdexter’s defense attorney said his client will appeal the sexual assault convictions, which prompted the 150-year prison sentence. “There has to be an appeal. And because the state cheated now those victims are going to have to testify again,” the attorney told the news media.

Montgomery County police investigators said the beer pong sexual assault victims did not know they have been violated by Joey Pointdexter until they were presented with the photos.

The Maryland beer pong rapist did not speak in his own defense in court upon the advice of his attorney.

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