Jon Cryer Recreates ‘Pretty in Pink’ Duckie Dance Routine – Aging Fans Rejoice

When Pretty in Pink came out in 1986, most of us rooted for Jon Cryer‘s Duckie, the slightly dorky but lovable bud to Molly Ringwald’s character, forever relegated to the Friend Zone.

And if you weren’t, you should’ve been. Blane sounds like an appliance, not someone’s name.

Most of Pretty in Pink‘s fans are now old enough to be nostalgic. And those fans surely smiled from ear to ear when Cryer recreated his most famous movie scene ever on The Late Late Show with James Corden, the one where he dances like a madman to Otis Redding’s “Try a Little Tenderness,” CNN reported.

But let this make you feel a bit old; Cryer last danced this routine 30 years ago and turned 50 Thursday, the New York Daily News added. Although that fact isn’t immediately obvious on the show – he appeared to be just as nimble as he was when barely 20.

Cryer even put on the original costume or what looked like it. Entertainment Weekly‘s description mentioned “a mustard-colored sports coat … and matching white winklepickers.” Let’s admit the truth, Duckie wasn’t all that fashionable.

But Cryer did have to wear a wig to complete the look as his character had a pretty thick head of hair in the film. Times certainly have changed since 1986.

Sadly, Pretty in Pink ‘s Andie wasn’t on set to complete the original scene, but as EW put it, “She was barely missed.”

That’s okay. We’re still mad at her for picking Blane over Duckie.

[Photo Courtesy YouTube Screengrab]