Fredrik Eklund Talks Luis Ortiz: ‘Luis And I Have A Rocky Start’

Million Dollar Listing: New York star Fredrik Eklund has been working on his marriage to Derek Kaplan as he wants a child. Derek wasn’t ready for a child, because Eklund was living such a busy lifestyle with his work. But things have changed in the home, and Fredrik just announced that he is expecting a daughter very soon via a surrogate.

But on the show, Fredrik Eklund has been feuding with his co-stars. Eklund and Ryan Serhant have been feuding for quite some time, but this season they are pairing up to create quite the team. But there is one person who is on the outs; Luis Ortiz. Fredrik has been trying to help Luis with his career, but this hasn’t brought them closer.

According to a new Bravo report, Million Dollar Listing: New York star Fredrik Eklund is now revealing that things will start off rocky with Ortiz, but hints that things do get better. And in the season preview, Luis and Fredrik do appear to team up later this season.

“I also want to quickly comment on Luis and Ryan. Luis and I have a rocky start, but find our way back to each other later in the season. Ryan and Emilia as well as Derek and I have a lot in front of us, and that’s all I can say for now,” Fredrik Eklund has revealed about this upcoming season of the show, adding, “Yes, thank God for Derek. And the dogs. My team. My family. And of course you watching. You make this possible.”

During the season premiere, which aired on Bravo last night, Fredrik didn’t exactly bond with Luis Ortiz. Clearly, there are unresolved issues between them. Eklund and Ortiz did argue on a previous episode of the show, and green tea was thrown. There was also an issue of $5,000. But it sounds like they have moved on from the incident, but cautiously.

According to the Inquisitr, fans appear to be more shocked that Fredrik and Ryan have made peace. Serhant threatened to expose Eklund’s past in the adult entertainment industry, but never actually went through with it. Ryan later admitted that he would never do that to Fredrik, but the threat alone was enough for Fredrik to be concerned and question his co-star.

Either way, it sounds like the drama is far from over for these real-estate agents. In fact, it sounds like this season could be very interesting, as these agents will have to talk things over and work together.

What do you think about Fredrik Eklund’s comments?

[Image via Bravo]