Teresa, Joe Giudice: Mansion Back On The Market, Price Drops To $2.9M

Teresa and Joe Giudice have relisted their New Jersey mansion for sale and have dropped the price to $2.9M. According to People Magazine, The Real Housewives Of New Jersey stars need to sell the home, as they can no longer afford to live in it. Since Teresa is in prison for another nine months, and then Joe will be heading to prison for over three years, the couple has been forced to live on one income, and with four daughters and hefty legal fees, money is getting extremely tight.

“Their home was originally listed at $3.999 million in September 2014. The asking price dropped by $500,000 in November and fell once more in January for a final ask of $2.999 million. The home was removed from the market for a period following the start of Teresa’s sentence and has just been re-listed at $2.999 million.”

Teresa and Joe Giudice’s mansion is 10,000 square feet and has been completely renovated. The couple purchased the home in 2002 for $530,000, but spend hundreds of thousands making it into what it is today… and now they have to sell it. According to Mail Online, the couple has hired an “aggressive” real estate agent, RE/Max Infinity’s Michael Gonnelli and are hopeful that they will be able to sell the home soon.

The house is beautiful, but it’s definitely over the top, and somewhat of an acquired taste.

“[The] 3.7 acre estate boasts a billiards room, a wine cellar, walk-in closets, fireplaces, and garages which fit five cars. Teresa and Joe’s fancy foyer features two gold-trimmed Cinderella staircases beneath an ornate crystal chandelier.”

As Teresa and Joe try to sell their mansion and get their lives in order, things are still extremely strained for their family. Without having Teresa home has been very hard, but sources say that she’s doing alright behind bars. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Teresa has made some “friends” and even has a hair and beauty regimen — one that has kept her from meeting up with her husband on time.

Her family visits her regularly, and recently posed for a picture together. All in all, the Giudice family is handling their situation the best that they can. Once their house sells, life should get a little easier for them. But don’t worry. They will still be living in a beautiful home. Teresa had been looking for places in the $1M range. It’s unknown if Joe has found a new place to move to once their current house sells.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]