Mayim Bialik’s Kids Watched Sheldon And Amy Build A Fort On ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Set

Last week on The Big Bang Theory Sheldon and Amy took a big step forward in their relationship: an overnight date. Of course, that overnight date was in a fort they constructed in Sheldon and Leonard’s living room. The date was one of many landmarks for the couple this season that has also seen them use the phrase “I love you” for the first time.

In an interview with Glamour after the fort episode aired, Mayim Bialik revealed that her young sons were present on-set when the episode was filmed. Viewers will recall that the fort construction grew out of Sheldon’s feeling of exclusion after not getting a party invite. It brought up painful memories for both him and Amy of not being part of a group growing up.

Bialik said that her own sons are generally not allowed to watch The Big Bang Theory, but she felt the fort scenes were sufficiently G-rated for them to be present during filming.

“We build forts, and we’re big fort people, so I had told them about it, and their dad was able to bring them, so they could watch it. They are six and nine, and I’m pretty conservative when it comes to viewing, and I don’t feel our show is appropriate for them, but all of the scenes were very G-rated, so their dad and I felt very good about them to come and see it and also just to see how it’s constructed for cameras, versus how a real fort would be constructed.”

Bialik is famously protective of her children’s viewing habits. She caused a bit of a stir several months back by writing on her Kveller blog that she hated the Disney blockbuster Frozen. Nonetheless she recently expressed gushing approval of her Big Bang Theory co-star Jim Parsons’ animated film Home.

In the Glamour interview, she discussed how she and Parsons will discuss the subtleties in a Sheldon and Amy scene.

“We both are highly instinctual. As the writing changes, in terms of even small line changes, that can change intent, so we have to be really careful with that, and we work with [director Mark Cendrowski], but we talk about it a lot. Jim and I like to talk a lot about what we see or how surprised or how appropriate we feel things are.”

Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik’s chemistry with each other as actors is evident in an interview they did with each other on the season 4 Big Bang Theory DVD.

In Thursday’s new episode, “The Communication Deterioration,” Penny calls upon Sheldon for career advice as she decides between sticking with lucrative pharmaceutical sales or re-starting her acting career.

The Big Bang Theory airs at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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