Alexis Roderick, Please Don’t Call The Baby ‘Alex’

Billy Joel’s girlfriend, Alexis Roderick, is pregnant, 65-year-old Billy Joel is thrilled, and although the couple aren’t saying, People says a source close to Alexis and Billy let on that they are expecting a girl. The new baby is due sometime this summer.

“The ‘Piano Man’ singer, 65, and girlfriend Alexis Roderick are expecting their first child together this summer, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

The baby on the way — a source tells PEOPLE it’s a girl! — will be Joel’s second child.”

Roderick and Joel aren’t married, but they’ve been together six years, and Billy gave Alexis a diamond ring some time ago. It didn’t come with a promise or a proposal, but it’s big, beautiful, and more than a friendship ring. Could be that baby on the way means Alexis Roderick will soon change her name to Alexis Joel, but there’s no confirmation of that yet.

Joel’s first child is another girl, 29-year-old Alexa, a name confusingly similar to Alexis. Let’s hope the new baby isn’t Alexandra or Alexina!

Looks like the two “Alexes” get along well, and they might even be friends. When Billy Joel and his daughter spent an evening cooking and eating together without Alexis, Alexa posted an appreciative instagram photo, and Alexis commented in a friendly way.

“So sorry I missed it! It looks delicious! I picked basil for you guys before I left xxxxxx”

Alexa and Billy Joel

Alexis and Alexa are a lot different in their interests, with not much besides Billy Joel in common. Alexis, at 33 — only a few years older than Joel’s daughter — is a former executive with Morgan Stanley and loves horses. Alexa isn’t into the executive lifestyle, and instead makes her living as singer, songwriter, and pianist.

The friendliness between the two women is probably in part due to the space of time between Billy Joel meeting Alexis, and the relationship between Billy and Alexis getting serious. Alexa had some time to get to know her father’s girlfriend while the couple were still just friends.

“And we were friends for a while before we started dating”

There’s lots of speculation about the new baby’s name (and like we said, hope that it doesn’t start with “Alex”) and Radar Online has an answer.

“They want to call the baby Madison”

One thing Twitter knows for sure: Billy Joel is happy.

Now we just need to wait to find out the answer to the real question: will Billy Joel write a new song for his and Alexis’ new baby, just like he did for Alexa?

[Image via LA Times]