First Donut In Space Launched From Norway [Video]

Anne Sewell

Two Swedish brothers wanted to go where no one has gone before. With a weather balloon and a leftover pastry, they decided to launch the first donut in space.

Admittedly, Alexander and Benjamin Jönsson probably have way too much time on their hands. Last week they launched their weather balloon, along with its sweet and tasty cargo, up into space from Askim in Norway. This is definitely taking the art of playing with your food to an entirely new level.

— Odd News UPI (@OddNewsUPI) April 15, 2015

According to Alexander, they like to do odd things and, apparently, the idea to launch a donut in space felt "very different."

"It was really fun to watch the video for the first time. We could see the donut hovering above the Earth."

— Grey London (@GreyLondon) April 15, 2015

"We have seen that people have sent things up before, but we established that no one had sent up a donut in space before. Then we thought, why not?"
"In Sweden it would have cost 11,000 Swedish kroner ($1,245), but it was free in Norway."

A few hours after the successful launch, the weather balloon crash-landed in Lake Vättern in Sweden. Apparently some volunteers from the Swedish Sea Rescue Society salvaged the wreckage of the balloon along with some rather soggy remnants of the world's first donut in space.

It's just a real pity the donut in space can't tell us what it felt like to fly that high, but at least the two brothers achieved what is most likely a world first.

Meanwhile, speaking of space, the Inquisitr recently reported that the so-called thigh bone that was said to have been found on Mars is probably a hoax. A donut in space is actually a far more likely phenomenon, it seems! Beam me up, Scotty — and don't forget the coffee.

[Photo: Screengrab from YouTube video]