‘Criminal Minds’ Spoilers: Ed Asner Guest Stars In ‘A Place At The Table’

A new episode of Criminal Minds airs on CBS Wednesday night, and it is shaping up to be a twisty one. This Season 10, Episode 20 show is titled “A Place at the Table” and legendary actor Ed Asner guest stars. What Criminal Minds spoilers are available for this one?

During this episode, the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit is facing a case involving a family killed in their home at the dinner table. It seems there are plenty of suspects to sort through in this one, and the BAU team connects with friends and other family members to sort through it all.

In addition, this episode will touch on Hotch’s personal life. He will learn that his father-in-law has Alzheimer’s, and he needs to pay him a visit to make peace with him. According to TV Guide, this is where Ed Asner comes into the picture.

A Criminal Minds spoiler sneak peek shows Hotch and Roy butting heads. Hotch is taking steps to get Roy moved into a nursing home due to his Alzheimer’s. Roy finds out and has some choice words to share.

Roy ends up in a bit of trouble, it seems, after he went back to his old store and tried to open things up again. Hotch says that the doctors indicate that it’s time for Roy to have more help, as after the store incident, Roy could have been taken to jail.

Hotch’s father-in-law argues that the store incident was a mistake and he just got a bit mixed up. He adds that when he makes a mistake, a change of clothes fixes it. However, when Hotch makes a mistake, Roy loses his daughter. Of course, this is referring to Hotch’s former wife, Haley, who was killed by “The Reaper” George Foyet, as Hotch worked on the case to find Foyet.

At this point, Asner’s stint on Criminal Minds is slated to be just for this one episode. However, it seems clear that Asner and Thomas Gibson, who plays Hotch, really enjoyed working together. So, perhaps the door will be open to additional episodes. The Good Wife fans know that Asner also showed up on that show briefly not long ago, and it seems he’ll be heading back to that role again soon.

As for other Criminal Minds spoilers, the show’s Facebook page teases that this episode might have “the most twisted ending yet.” One would think that after 10 seasons, it would be hard to shock fans, but viewers are anxious to see just what the show has in store for them with this one.

While last week’s episode featured Gary Sinise and Anna Gunn in what could become a Criminal Minds spin-off show, this one is back to the basic team. CBS hasn’t made any official decisions about rolling out the “Beyond Borders” spin-off, though as Buddy TV shared after the episode featuring the international team, fans seem interested in seeing more.

Tune in to Criminal Minds airing “A Place at the Table” on Wednesday, April 15, and stay tuned for further developments regarding the potential spin-off show starring Sinise and Gunn.

[Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images]