Farrah Abraham’s Boyfriend Simon Saran Accused Of ‘Verbal Abuse’ & ‘Violent Outbursts’

Farrah Abraham’s boyfriend, Simon Saran, may not be the stand-up citizen she’s portrayed him to be. Although the Teen Mom OG star insists Saran is a Christian man with good values, his ex-girlfriend claims otherwise.

According to an April 15 report by Radar Online, Josie Leisz filed a temporary restraining order against Farrah Abraham’s 26-year-old boyfriend in August 2011, eight months after they split.

In her filing, Leisz alleged Saran had called her a “f***ing b*tch” and “stupid wh*re,” and exhibited “jealous and controlling” behavior using her cell phone and social media accounts.

“Simondeep would…take my phone and send messages to guys who texted me. In these messages he would tell them to leave me alone and that I don’t like them, pretending to be me.”

After Leisz and Saran split, she alleged, Farrah Abraham’s boyfriend became verbally abusive and refused to move out of her home. Months later, Leisz claimed Saran “burst into a violent rage” after the two crossed paths at San Diego’s Ivy Hotel and Nightclub.

“Simondeep came over to my table and very violently flipped the table over. Simon then began screaming things at me and my friends and scaring us. Simon was yelling things to my friends like ‘I f***ed that b*tch every night.'”

In addition to Leisz’s personal troubles with Farrah Abraham’s boyfriend, she reportedly dealt with professional issues, as well. Because the two work together in real estate, their breakup and Saran’s unprofessionalism, reportedly left her unable to work efficiently.

As if that weren’t enough to push Leisz over the edge, Farrah Abraham’s boyfriend allegedly broke into her home in August 2011 and threatened a male, who was in the home at the time. Following the incident, Leisz claimed to have filed a police report against Saran.

A judge eventually granted Leisz a temporary restraining order against Farrah Abraham’s boyfriend, which required him to stay at least 100 yards away from Leisz’s home, vehicle, workplace, and school.

Months later, Leisz was forced to file a second restraining order against Farrah Abraham’s boyfriend after she claimed he was “obsessively texting and calling her. She also claimed Saran hacked her email account, robbed her of $4,000, and stole her truck, although he denies the allegations.

In February 2012, Saran was granted his own restraining order against his ex-girlfriend, after he claimed she broke into his home and stole money, his checkbook, and a few other things.

“On January 15, 2011 she screamed at me, grabbed a pen and stabbed me several times in my chest area, ripped my shirt off, pulled my hair while calling me a ‘stupid Middle Eastern’ and ‘piece of sh*t.'”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Farrah Abraham won’t appear on every episode of the currently airing Teen Mom OG. However, once she returns next Monday, fans will be seeing plenty of Abraham, as well as boyfriend Saran.

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