Kylie Jenner’s Turquoise Blue Hair Is A Wig! Reality Star Spotted With Tyga In Hollywood

Kylie Jenner’s turquoise blue hair is confirmed to be a wig, as the reality star was spotted with her natural dark hair when she stepped out with rumored boyfriend Tyga on Tuesday, April 15. The 17-year-old was back to her short brunette hairstyle when she went on a shopping trip with the 25-year-old rapper in Hollywood, California.

Jenner rocked an all-natural look, although she reportedly still wore a full face of makeup. She also wore a black and white striped crop top with a matching pencil skirt. Jenner also wore plenty of gold jewelry, including her gold body chain. She’s been seen rocking the same accessories at Coachella. Jenner pulled her easy and effortless look together with a pair of sunglasses and white trainers.


On Monday, Kylie was spotted looking like her old Coachella self. She wore a gray baseball cap that matched her gray trench and bodycon dress. Kylie paired her look with gold jewelry and combat boots. Of course, the teen showed off the paparazzi photos of herself on her Instagram account.

The teen was spotted rocking a new hairstyle on the way to Coachella. Kylie reportedly drove to the popular music festival in Indio, Calif. with Tyga. She took to Instagram to share an illustration of herself driving in the front seat with her rapper boyfriend. Kylie also shared several selfies of her new blue hairstyle on Instagram and Snapchat. It was previously reported on the Inquisitr that Kylie had her hair dyed blue by a popular celebrity hair stylist. But now, it looks like it was most likely a wig. Fans are wondering if Kylie will sport the turquoise blue wig again during the second weekend of Coachella.


She not only showed off her love of wigs, but she also showed her love for baseball caps. When Jenner rocked the new blue hair, she kept the roots covered with different style baseball caps, as noted by People magazine. The news source wonders why the teen kept her wig covered. Since her blue hair is likely a wig, it’s probably that Jenner didn’t want the roots or lace front to show. No matter what her reason, Jenner is definitely going to start a trend among young girls with her baseball caps.

Kylie recently revealed what she thinks about her sisters Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian. She told Grazia UK that Khloe is more of a mother to her, while Kim has a “perfect face.” Kylie’s ever changing looks and bizarre behavior have fans wondering about Kris and Bruce Jenner’s parenting skills.

[Image: Angela Weiss/Getty Images, Kylie Jenner/Snapchat]