This Deliciously Retro Sizzler Video Will Make Your Heart Explode From Patriotistm

It’s been around for over 20 years, and it’s been on YouTube for at least 3 years, but a bizarre, almost absurdly patriotic Sizzler video from 1991 is just now going viral, Thrillist is reporting.

Sizzler, for those of you not familiar with the restaurant, is something of a low-rent Applebee’s, or a high-rent Golden Corral, depending on whom you ask. The restaurant chain has some 250 locations in the U.S., all but two of them west of the Rockies.

The 1991 Sizzler video appears to be aimed at potential investors in the chain, and the script sounds like it was written by a Ronald Reagan speechwriter drinking a Sam Adams. while eating a bison cheeseburger with a bald eagle holding an American flag perched on his shoulder.

“All over America, a quiet revolution has been taking place… Americans have re-discovered, are re-defining, what’s really important in their lives. They want quality.”

And then there’s the music. A the beginning, a choir extols the virtues of America.

“All across America, the song of freedom rings. The song is growing stronger every day.”

Then, at 1:58, Lee Greenwood’s understudy chimes in.

“Sizzler brings the choices, that you’ve been lookin’ for. We’re giving you the right to choose, we’re offering you much more.”

The Comments on the Sizzler video are as funny as the video itself.

“Headed to Sizzler’s in 5 minutes because I love America if anyone wants to join me.”

“I feel like Hilary Clinton could have saved a boat load of money on that video she made and just used this. All she would need to do is replace the word ‘Sizzler’ with ‘Hilary Clinton’ every time it’s mentioned and BOOM she’s elected.”

As of this post, the Sizzler video that only a few dozen people had seen prior to this week, has earned over 100,000 views.

[Image courtesy of: YouTube]