Dennis Quaid Engraged By ‘Dopey The D*ck’ — Must-See Freakout [Video]

Celebrity meltdowns have never failed to catch the attention of speculators. Over the years, Hollywood has seen numerous actors and actresses lose it on camera. The most recent of which is 61-year-old actor Dennis Quaid, who was filmed lashing out on an unidentified set. However, some people are not buying it claiming that the video was merely a staged prank.

The video, which appears to be taken on a mobile phone camera, is set at what Quaid labeled to be the “most unprofessional set” that he had ever been on. The actor can be seen on his feet, behind an office desk. According to reports, Quaid’s fit was caused when one of the members of the crew wandered into his shot which totally set Quaid off.

“What the f–k? Keep going. I am acting here, and this d–khead here wanders on my set. I can’t even get a line out, until Dopey the d–k starts whispering in your ear and you’re not even watching anymore!”

Somebody from the crew, perhaps the director or someone of authority tried to calm him down. Enraged, the actor refused to be pacified and angrily responded.

“Don’t f—–g ‘Dennis’ me. I am doing my job here! I am a pro! This is the most unprofessional set I have ever been on. This is horse s–t!”

The second half of the video captured only the set’s floor giving the impression that the person taking the video was hiding his mobile phone as the actor moved out from the desk and approached the crew. However, the actor can still be heard flipping out.

“I’ve got these f—–g zombies over here that I have to look at, I have a bunch of p—–s staring at me, and this f—–g baby. This is garbage. Blow me!”

The actor’s representatives declined to give out any statements about Quaid’s video which made people even more curious. The Wrap only went as far as obtaining a confirmation from Mythology Entertainment that the clip was not taken on the set of Truth, which is Quaid’s latest project.

As for the moment, netizens can only speculate. On Reddit, a commenter claimed that he worked for Jimmy Kimmel Live! and confirmed that the video was a viral hoax for the show. Quaid was said to be imitating Christian Bale, who is infamous for his meltdown on the set of Terminator Salvation back in 2009.

Now here’s the remix.

[Image via YouTube]