Angry Grandpa Has Epic Response To Walter Scott Shooting, Jaw-Dropping Reaction Goes Viral [Video]

Warning: Video contains explicit language that may be offensive to some viewers.

Charles Green, widely known as “Angry Grandpa,” is back at it again! For those who aren’t familiar with this man, he’s known for his comical YouTube show, The Angry Grandpa Show. Now, he’s back again, but this time his statement is anything but funny.

According to Empty Lighthouse, he’s sounding off on the highly publicized shooting of Walter Scott. The 50-year-old man’s death made national headlines when footage of the shooting was shared online. Scott, was shot numerous times in the back by North Charleston police officer, Michael Slager, while attempting to flee the scene.


The controversial shooting only adds to the racially-charged tension that has been heightened for the past couple months. But, according to Angry Grandpa’s latest video, it’s safe to say the shooting has personally affected him because it hits so close to home. Green, a Carolina resident, revealed the shooting took place approximately 15 minutes from his home. He also shared his unfiltered opinion of Michael Slager and the ongoing problem of police brutality. Angry Grandpa questions whether Slager would be facing charges if it weren’t for the footage.

“He was shot five times in the back, and he’d have gotten away with it, he would have completely gotten away with it if that gentleman hadn’t had his camera on his phone and he actually filmed what happened,” Angry Grandpa said.

He insists Slager would be deemed a hero instead of a murder, but the incriminating footage drastically changes what Angry Grandpa considers the typical outcome in cases like Scott’s death. In a nutshell, he’s sick of police officers who feel they are above the law. However, that’s not all! He got so angry about the situation, he ended his three-minute rant in a frenzy, hammering holes into his table! The shocking video has definitely raised eyebrows and left thousands of viewers speechless!

The video titled, “Angry Grandpa Goes Crazy Over Walter Scott Shooting,” was uploaded to YouTube on Apr. 12, exactly one week after Scott’s death. In just two days, the video has gone viral with more than 350,000 views. Of course, the video has received mixed reviews as many viewers have expressed different opinions where police brutality and race relations are concerned. But, surprisingly, many viewers actually agree with Angry Grandpa.

Do you agree or disagree with Angry Grandpa’s opinion of the Walter Scott shooting and the problems with police brutality? Share your thoughts.

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