A ‘Supernatural’ Interview — Felicia Day Talks About Charlie’s Return

Charlie Bradbury (Felicia Day) is one of Supernatural‘s recurring characters, and it seems that she usually shows up just in time to pull Sam and Dean Winchester out of the fire, making Ms. Day’s character one of the most loveable recurring characters throughout the Supernatural universe. Felicia reminisces in a recent interview about the first episode to introduce her character four years ago, and how that one episode developed into the recurring Supernatural role Ms. Day now enjoys, a feat Felicia credits to Robbie Thompson’s writing skills.

Felicia finds particular affection for her Supernatural character, because of the evolution she has been through within the Supernatural story. Ms. Day finds it particularly interesting that there has been so much growth in her role that, as she returns in Supernatural‘s “Book of the Damned” episode, Charlie comes back as something akin to an equal to the Winchester brothers.

“Charlie is returning with the book not really knowing how to decipher it… It’s her working with Sam and Dean to figure that out and the stakes, of course, are super high, so they’re all very invested in cracking this puzzle.”

Felicia acknowledges that her character has grown physically and become something of a heroine, even in the confines of the Supernatural realm and, while physically intense performances are not new to Day as an actress, she does admit to feeling intrigued by the change she’s seen in her character, since returning to Supernatural.

“I’m not unfamiliar with doing stunt work. I did a lot on Buffy [and] on Dollhouse, and on a couple of other projects. But certainly, the last episode was one of the most intense I’ve ever done. I think it was a great way to really channel the darkest aspects of Charlie and those badass parts of her in a very ultra way because she was almost a pure expression of that side of her. That episode really allowed me as an actor to figure out the boundaries of Charlie and it proved to be a much broader spectrum of traits, colors than I would even have imagined.”

Felicia promises that Supernatural fans will see more of her character in the future, but wouldn’t give too many details. Ms. Day did mention that her character was wanted by an Italian family and maybe that story will be revisited later in Supernatural. Of course, it’s nothing that Charlie, or Felicia Day, can’t handle. After all, Ms. Day has been literally divided in half in a past Supernatural storyline.

“I think that actually gives her more motivation to try to get this Book of the Damned translated because she has seen the darkest part of herself taken over, and she doesn’t want any part of that, and she doesn’t want Dean to have to go through the same thing with Mark of Cain driving him darker and more evil over the episodes and time.”

Felicia Day returns in Supernatural, when “Book of the Damned” airs Wednesday night on the CW network.

[Feature image: Felicia Day Photo courtesy of Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment]