‘Revenge’ Season 4 Finale Spoilers: Is The End Of Amanda Clarke’s Story Coming?

The Revenge Season 4 finale is fast approaching, and many fans are wondering if the end of the series is coming with it. The ABC previews for the next episode did tease that it will be the final four episodes, and it did not say of the season at the end of that statement.

Is the end of Revenge near?

Yes, the end of Revenge as fans currently know it is near. Amanda Clarke’s story will wrap with the Revenge Season 4 finale. A fan asked TV Line about the finale and the possibility of it being the end of the show. The site did give fans some sad news.

“Based on what I’m hearing about the finale, there would have to be a major revamp if the show returns for a fifth season. Actually, forget revamp — there’d have to be a whole new show.”

This does not sound good for fans of Revenge. Yes, ABC could renew it, and a new story could begin. Would fans tune in to watch a completely new set of characters though? American Horror Story has succeeded in revamping itself each season, but Revenge is not American Horror Story.

According to a previous Inquisitr report, ABC made it clear that it stood behind the show. Revenge is a “critical brand” for ABC, according to Paul Lee. He also stated that there is a way to “reinvent the show.” Fans will learn the fate of Revenge in May.

The cast filmed the Revenge Season 4 finale over the weekend. Spoiler TV shared several tweets from the Revenge cast, and there is no mention of the series ending.

Another TV Line report shared some spoilers for the Season 4 ender. The episode is titled “Two Graves.” Sunil Nayar teased a bit about the episode.

“We’ve only ever done one-word episode titles since the show began, and the show began with this quote Mike [Kelley] had chosen from Confucius: ‘Before embarking on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.’ We wanted … to tell people that there is an element to this journey that will be over [in the finale]. You just have no idea for whom those graves are dug, or who will end up in them.”

The most recent episodes have started to wrap things up. Emily Thorne has reclaimed her identity. Jack and Amanda are dancing around their relationship. A Jack and Amanda relationship has been teased as the end game for the show.

Will fans see Amanda and Jack together before the end of the finale? Will Revenge Season 5 happen? What do you think?

[Photo: ABC]