‘Minecraft’ Rankings Dramatically Dropped On PS4, PS3 Sales Charts In March

Since 4J Studios first released Minecraft on the Xbox 360 in 2012, the popular block-building title has performed well on console platforms. After later launching on the PlayStation 3 in 2013, followed by a current-gen release for the PS4 last summer, Minecraft has continued to dominate Sony’s monthly sales charts. Until now, Minecraft has managed to stay close to the top of digital sales across all PlayStation platforms each and every month.

However, it seems that Minecraft‘s streak of leading Sony’s charts finally came to an end last month after the March sales figures were released for all digital purchases made throughout the Playstation Network. Trends have usually shown Minecraft to rarely be seen outside the top few spots for monthly sales from the PS Store. The most recent charts, which were made public on the official Playstation Blog, revealed that Minecraft barely managed to stay in the top ten lists of PlayStation games sales last month.

On the Playstation 4, Minecraft dropped down to the number 10 spot. The PS4-exclusive, Bloodborne, managed to top the sales on Sony’s current-gen console, while Battlefield Hardline came in second. Looking at the PS3 figures, Minecraft fell to become the ninth best-selling game for March, down from first from the previous period.

Minecraft: PS3 Edition

Digital sales on the PlayStation 3 were overrun by arcade titles in the month of March, with the Mortal Kombat Kollection and PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+ claiming the first two spots. Once again, Minecraft sales dropped the voxel-based title nearly out of the top ten list for Sony’s handheld device after March discounts brought the PS Vita classic title, Gravity Rush, back to the top of the charts.

Minecraft wasn’t the only game that fell much lower on the PlayStation Store’s sales charts for March. After dominating the list in February, Techland’s Dying Light fell from the number one spot to become only the eighteenth most-sold game on the PlayStation 4 in March. Further proving that Minecraft wasn’t the only title that had trouble obtaining a higher position on the digital sales lists, Sony’s exclusive, The Order: 1886, didn’t even manage to earn a spot in the top 20 this past month.

In addition to a high number of sales offered last month on the PS Network, which partially accounts for Minecraft‘s lower ranking on PlayStation sales charts, a new content update may boost Minecraft sales back up to the top of the lists in the future. 4J Studios, the team responsible for developing all console ports of Minecraft, have been unusually silent on their social networking accounts in recent weeks. However, the developer did confirm on their official Twitter account last week that they are currently working on something new for Minecraft and will have details ready to share soon.

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