Jena Frumes Flaunts Her Stunning Curves In A Lacy Baby-Blue Lingerie Set

Model Jena Frumes is generating some steam with her new Instagram upload. The photo she shared on Thursday afternoon featured her curves accentuated by a blue set of lingerie and the model's fans are loving the look.

Jena has been posting regularly over the past couple of weeks, often referencing her efforts to stay at home amid the coronavirus pandemic. In this case, she asked her followers what their sleep routine has been like since the quarantine started. She also noted via the geotag that she snapped the selfie in Los Angeles.

Plenty of Jena's previous Instagram uploads show her lounging in her bedroom, but this one was snapped in her living room, where she stood with the couch behind her. The room was decorated with a color scheme of gray, white, and silver that gave the model's followers a sense of her fabulous personal style.

The gorgeous model had her long curls styled loosely, and they cascaded over the side of her face as she looked toward the phone in her left hand to snap the photo. She stood facing forward, with one knee bent slightly and her right arm held down alongside her other hip.

Jena's figure looked positively stunning in this snapshot. She chose to wear a lacy, extremely feminine matching bra-and-panty set in a light-blue color that was a fabulous choice to go along with her tanned skin. The waistband of her panties sat high on her hips to accentuate her hourglass figure, and the low cut in the front of the bra revealed much of her cleavage.

Nearly 4 million fans follow Jena's Instagram page and they instantly made it clear that they absolutely love this photo. Around 100,000 people had liked the new upload in just the first hour after she had initially shared it, and about 800 comments poured in during that brief timeframe as well.

Quite a few of the comments came from people who answered Jena's sleep schedule question. However, plenty of replies focused instead on her jaw-dropping figure.

"You are the most beautiful woman," praised one follower.

"@jenafrumes why u gotta be so pretty," questioned another of Jena's fans.

"That color looks stunning on you!" wrote a different fan of the model's.

"Goddess queen," read another comment.

Jena always exudes a ton of confidence in her Instagram uploads, and this one is no exception. Whether she is flaunting her curves in a bikini or playing around with singer Jason Derulo, her fans go wild and always make it clear they are anxious to see more.