UEFA All-Star Game? NBA-Style Tournament Could Have Messi, Ronaldo Playing For Same Team

Could a UEFA Champions League All-Star Game be coming soon to a stadium near you? The organization is reportedly considering instituting an NBC-style all-weekend tournament for the Champions League and Europa League.

According to a report in MirrorSport, the European football body is considering several options on how to revamp the outdated continental tournaments. If the idea is appealing to you, just wait until you learn more details on how the groups would be formed and who could play where.

An anonymous source, which is familiar with the discussions, told the publication the talk is that UEFA wants to start a weekend tournament. This is just one of the proposals “on the table,” but “one of many under consideration.”

Excited? Keep reading. The possible UEFA All-Star game will see two teams whose stars would be voted for by fans and could potentially see the biggest stars in all of the world play in the same team.

The revolutionary idea means that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo could be teammates for the first time ever in their professional careers. So how could this be possible? According to this report, this is how a potential UEFA All-Star game would be organized.

“… the initial idea and most likely configuration pitching North vs South. The Northern European side would be made up of players plying their trade in England, Germany, Holland, and Russia among others, while the South team would boast La Liga’s biggest stars as well as the best footballers in Serie A, France’s Ligue 1 and other Mediterranean nations.”

If this idea comes to pass, it would be the most exciting thing that ever happened to football fans. Each club would send up to three players, which would be decided by the fans voting online. The same process would apply to the coaches, according to Mundo Deportivo. If this is finalized, you can bet we would see both Messi and Ronaldo playing for the South. Check out the graph.

UEFA All Star game

Mundo Deportivo says the UEFA All-Star game came to them as a very interesting external proposal. Despite the sure fan excitement at the possibilities, it is made clear that this idea is in its infancy, as there are many considerations to look at such as club schedules, venues, sponsorships, etc. Also, it is widely known that UEFA usually comes up with their own ideas.

Would you be excited to watch a UEFA All-Star game with Messi and Ronaldo in the same team?

[Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images]