Kelsey Poe Drops ‘Bachelor’ Lawsuit, Heading To ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Instead?

Almost two months after Kelsey Poe was dumped by Bachelor Chris Soules on national television, she has decided that she will not sue producers of the popular ABC reality show. Is she dropping her “emotional damage” claim so she can secure a spot on Bachelor in Paradise 2, or is Poe finally moving on from the drama she stirred up on the Bachelor?

In March, Radar Online reported that Kelsey informed her friends that she suffered “emotional damage” on the show, and wanted producers to pay her therapy bill. If they didn’t pay up, she intended to sue.

Despite her supposed emotional damage, Poe told USA Today that while her experience wasn’t the “best thing” in her life, her time on the show “wasn’t horrible.” In fact, she hoped that her appearance on the Bachelor would “open doors” for her.

A month after the show wrapped up, Kelsey decided to blog about her experience, as many Bachelor-alum do. In her most recent blog post, she refers to the contract she signed as a “gag order” and notes that because of that, she will never be able to “fully tell her side of the narrative.”

“The sad truth is that I’ll never be able to fully tell my side of the narrative. I signed an agreement that is a gag order. All I can say about the duality between what viewers saw on TV and the truth of who I am is that I am not the person they portrayed me to be.”

Although Kelsey claims that portions of the show caused her “gut wrenching pain,” she is not going forward with a lawsuit. She has decided to skip the courtroom drama, which may come as a surprise to anyone who watched Kelsey on the show.

“Life is just simply too short to be stuck in a courtroom drumming up old news and tainted views. Suing is an option I choose not to pursue because I want to live a life full of happiness.”

The former guidance counselor states that instead of suing Bachelor producers, she will be working on “research projects aimed at understanding the effects of reality TV” — perhaps one of the projects will be conducted on Bachelor in Paradise. After all, Chris Harrison stated last month that she is on his “wish list” for the second season of the Bachelor spinoff show, set to air August 2.

Do you think Kelsey Poe‘s reality TV show days are over, or will she stir up drama on Bachelor in Paradise this summer?

[Image via ABC]