‘Dance Moms’ Spoilers: ‘Maddie Vs. Kalani’ Brings New Battle With Murrietta Dance Project

Tuesday night’s episode of Dance Moms is titled “Maddie vs. Kalani,” but the bigger battle may be related to Abby Lee Miller’s crew facing off against the Murrieta Dance Project. Miller and the girls are back in Los Angeles, but can they win there? The latest Dance Moms spoilers break down the details for the episode airing on Lifetime on April 14.

As TV Guide notes, the last time the Abby Lee Dance Company went up against the MDP, Miller’s girls struggled. For this next face-off, Abby gives both Maddie Ziegler and Kalani Hilliker solos so that the ALDC can put their best foot forward.

Also ahead in Tuesday’s episode, Dance Moms spoilers indicate that Holly and Jill will butt heads after Nia is excluded from an outside opportunity. There will be tension in the air as the team tackles an unusual group dance. Abby is a bit distracted by all the work involved in making her mark in Los Angeles, a common theme this season. Will Miller be able to lead the girls to a win in L.A. this time?

The show’s Facebook page shows a Dance Moms sneak peek showing the group bristling a bit over their upcoming battle against the MDP. Holly notes that it’s one of the toughest studios out there, and Abby says that losing to them again is not an option. So, how do the girls do?

According to the Dance Moms spoilers from the show’s Wikia page, the ALDC steps it up and it shows. The ALDC group dance, titled “The Rose Garden,” takes first place in both the junior small group division and the overall rankings. Kalani’s solo, titled “Innocent,” apparently takes first place in the teen division and second in the overalls.

As for Maddie’s solo, titled “Dreams Come True,” Dance Moms spoilers note that she will take first place in both the junior and overall rankings. How does the Murrieta Dance Project do? Their group dance is said to take second place in the junior small group category and third in the overalls.

As Miller noted in the preview, the Season 5 midseason finale is right around the corner. Will Abby Lee Miller be able to continue to showcase winning performances as she works to set up shop in Los Angeles? Will the girls keep winning as they expand and tackle projects outside the dance studio? Fans can’t wait to find out, and it all plays out in new episodes of Dance Moms airing Tuesday nights on Lifetime.

[Image via IB Times]