TNA News: TV Network Destination America Calling A Lot Of The Shots In TNA Wrestling Lately

TNA Wrestling has managed to keep the doors open for years, even when signs of closing were very near. This has been terrific for the company, but in doing so, they have had to make compromises often. One compromise lately is with their new TV partner, Destination America. The company is owned by Discovery Communications and has helped TNA in various ways since bringing them on.

Not only has advertising improved, but they have managed to give them a lot of room on the network to put a variety of content. In turn, it seems as though TNA has given part of their soul. We heard recently that TNA is having issues paying talent once again, but that is not the only problem plaguing them.

You may have noticed two champions being used for some time or crowned in the last number of months. Kurt Angle has regained the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, while Taryn Terrell captured the Knockouts Championship as well. While picking both people for the two titles is not a bad thing when thinking of how well they have done with TNA, there is a much deeper reason for it.

According to SEScoops, Discovery executives are calling a lot of the shots in TNA. They wanted Angle to take back the TNA World Title due to his Olympic Gold Medalist experience, which would tie into the network's branding. Which led to Angle getting the World Title back in March. Meanwhile, Discovery executives are high on Terrell mostly for her looks, although she is quite talented. Her recent movie experience helps when trying to promote her as well, which is big help. TNA has kept her champion since November due to Discovery's liking of her.

The executives are also not pleased with TNA taping a lot of shows in The UK and want most of them to be taped in America. While this is never an issue for TNA usually, as they normally work most shows in America, the network wants them to remain in America more often. Again, this is mostly for branding purposes. Destination America is not Destination World, so there is an issue when a show emanates from the UK.

However, this is just another example of Discovery executives calling the shots more often in TNA. It seems the best way to get a push in TNA is to get on the good side of Discovery, not TNA creative. While most believe that TNA will continue to do as told. the feeling is that eventually it won't set well with either talent or TNA executives.

TNA fans would also like to see people in positions that they might like. If TNA has to serve a master, not being the fans, that might cause an issue in ratings as well. So we will have to see if this remains an issue as time passes.

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