Bobbi Kristina Brown Coma: What Does The Future Look Like?

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the 22-year-old daughter of Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston, remains in a coma after 10 weeks. Though the family refuses to give up hope, they can’t help but wonder what her life will be like if and when she wakes up.

The Brown and Houston family is praying for a miracle, and they are grateful to all the fans who have been praying for Bobbi Kristina. Bobby Brown has finally spoken about Bobbi Kristina in person, while at the Soul Food Festival in Los Angeles over the weekend.

“I wanna thank all of y’all for coming out tonight, for supporting me and my family. Rough times are rough times. Hard times are hard times. I don’t know what the h*** I’m going through right now, but I’m giving it to God and letting him deal with it.”

According to People, a family source has confirmed that they wonder what quality of life Bobbi Kristina Brown will enjoy when she regains consciousness.

“If she’s in there somewhere, and I hope to Jesus that she is, what would happen if [Bobbi Kristina] woke up? I don’t know. She hasn’t been walking or even sitting up. You have to put yourself in Bobby’s position. If there was a 1% chance that [Bobbi Kristina] was in there, wouldn’t you wait? Your daughter would deserve that.”

Though reports look grim for Bobbi Kristina Brown, the news is full of other coma patients who have regained consciousness months or years later. If it can happen for them, it can happen for Bobbi Kristina.

Earlier this month, Yahoo News reported on a woman who refused to pull the plug on her husband who was in a coma due to a motorcycle accident, although he was given only a ten percent chance to live. Danielle prayed. Matt Davis did wake up, but had no memory of dating or marrying his wife. Today, the couple is still married, has gotten to know one another again, and Matt’s progressed from being bed bound to living a normal life and driving manual transmission cars again.

“One conversation with Matt will change your life. He has a servant’s heart and a love for people…He just wants to make a difference and give hope. We would love the opportunity for a full life together!”

Matt Davis and

Stories like this do give hope to those continuing to go through a devastating situation. While Bobbi Kristina Brown still lies in a coma, it does not mean all hope is lost. The Brown family can take comfort in the fact that a miracle is still possible.

Another coma patient like Bobbi Kristina is making headlines this week after waking up five months into a coma. Fox 8 reports that Sharista Giles was injured in a car accident in December, which resulted in a coma, as well as the premature delivery of her son at only five weeks gestation. The baby now is doing well, and giving Sharista a reason to get better. Earlier this week, she opened her eyes, responded to family, and, according to a family member, followed her father around with her eyes.

“[Her father] showed her a picture of her baby, and she followed the picture. When he turned around to put it back on the bulletin board, she turned her neck, her whole head trying to follow and find the picture again.”

Sharista Giles before the car accident that caused a coma. She woke up this week. Sharista Giles before the car accident that caused a coma. She woke up this week.

Bobbi Kristina Brown could still receive a miracle. Family members Bobby Brown, Cissy Houston, and Pat Houston believe it’s possible. If #PrayForBK is any indication, fans from around the world are praying and believing as well.

Do you believe Bobbi Kristina Brown could wake up and go on to enjoy a full life? Share your thoughts and prayers for Bobbi Kristina here.

[Images via Sandra Rose/Yahoo News/Asia One]