WWE News: Daniel Bryan’s Health A Huge Concern At WWE RAW, Will He Miss Time Once Again?

It should come as no surprise that WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan is in the news once again for medical related issues. Most of the time, the news on him has been fluffed a bit due to just simple worry by WWE….not an actual issue with Bryan. Bryan did admit during WrestleMania’s media period that he has gotten in trouble a few times now due to his wrestling being as wild as ever, as WWE wanted him to take it easy for a bit. Bryan said that he couldn’t just not be him.

So, it is now not surprising that once again WWE is concerned for Bryan. According to SEScoops, this is why Bryan missed WWE RAW last night as far as a match goes. He was originally slated to face off with John Cena during Cena’s open challenge. This was set to be a long match between the current Intercontinental Champion and United States Champion that would have been a huge attraction for the UK crowd.

As we ended up seeing, Bryan did appear on the show, but in a backstage segment with Kane. The end result for the Cena match was the WWE going with Bad News Barrett and having Rusev attack Cena at the end of the match. The match would have most likely gone to a no contest to allow for Bryan and Cena to both remain over, but with Barrett, the match was not very long. Although, it was longer than most would have anticipated. This is most likely due to the planned Bryan match. Most believe Rusev was set to be involved regardless of who Cena faced off with.

Barrett Bryan

This could be why WWE RAW was a bit weird last night. We all assumed that things were off, as the show lacked in a lot of areas. If the show was set to feature 30 to 45 minutes of a match…those extra minutes left over have to be filled. WWE simply had issues in doing it.

Bryan is set to work the rest of the European Tour, but WWE is going to keep him physically limited the rest of the time. So while he might wrestle, it won’t be for long. Bryan is going to undergo medical examinations once he gets back to the United States. The talk going on backstage is that Bryan is either hurting or has an injury that will take him out for a while.

Meanwhile, Daniel Bryan claims that he is hurting, but he is not injured. Bryan is still set to wrestle Bad News Barrett at WWE Extreme Rules. So going off of that, WWE feels Bryan can perform right now. However, they won’t know what to do for sure until he gets checked out by doctors in America.

WWE will be keeping it safe with Bryan now and for some time. He just got back from nearly a year away due to a neck issue that ended up resulting in an arm problem. While Bryan’s hurt area or injury has not been disclosed as of now, WWE is probably trying to keep things safe because it is the area that Bryan just came back from having a problem with.

[IMG Credits: YouTube, caq.fr]