Demi Lovato Totally Rocks Her Trim And Toned Look

Demi Lovato has certainly had her problems over the past few years. It is well known that Demi has had problems with alcohol, drugs, mental health, and eating disorders. Back in October 2010 Demi Lovato withdrew from a tour with the Jonas Brothers and checked into a rehabilitation clinic citing “physical and emotional issues.” Demi later admitted that she was suffering from bulimia, had self-harmed, and was “self-medicating” with drugs and alcohol. Demi also admitted that she was using cocaine several times a day.

Since seeking help for her problems Demi Lovato’s life has been on the up and as was reported in Inquisitr recently, the 22-year-old one-time Disney star celebrated three years of sobriety.

Demi has been open about the struggles she has faced and has frequently taken to social media to thank her fans, her friends, and long time boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, who she credited for her recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Now, it seems that Demi Lovato is in the best place that she has been since being thrust into the limelight as a child star.

According to E Online, Demi is in the best shape of her life physically, mentally, and emotionally. Demi credits Wilmer Valderrama for his help along her journey to recovery but Hello Magazine reports that over the past weekend, Demi took to social media to thank a much less obvious supporter.

Demi Lovato took to Instagram to thank her personal trainer Ronny Comacho and heaped praise on him for getting her into the best shape of her life.

“For the past 8 months this man has helped me beat my hardest critic: myself. The first day he gave me my meals, that him and his wife cook themselves, he looked me in the eyes and said, ‘We are going to kick this eating disorder’s a**!!!”

“He was as determined as I was and has been a huge part of my recovery ever since. I’ve never been happier and healthier and I credit so much of that to this man and his beautiful wife. Thank you Ronny & Elise Comacho for staying up so late to cook my meals and getting up so early to help transform my body but most importantly my mind.”

Demi Lovato, instagram

If the images that Demi Lovato has been sharing on Instagram and Twitter are anything to go by, Demi looks trim, toned, and above all happy. There is no question that Demi Lovato totally rocks her new look.

Demi Lovato may still be in recovery, but it appears that she is well on her way, in control of her life, and on top of her health issues. Long may it continue.

[Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images]