WWE News: Roman Reigns Loses His Major Push, Huge Creative Changes Starting Internal Problems?

As we all saw at WrestleMania 31, WWE decided to go with Seth Rollins winning the WWE World Heavyweight Title over Roman Reigns, who had been slated to win dating back to the summer of 2014. Many fans didn’t want to see Reigns hold the title so quickly or be in the main event over far more worthy contenders. While many had no issue seeing new blood main event WrestleMania, it always came down to Reigns simply not being as good as others, yet still getting the nod that fans despised. Due to this, WWE thought on the fly at WrestleMania and had Rollins cash-in his Money in the Bank title opportunity.

It was a great moment for Seth Rollins at WrestleMania, and one fans will remember for a long time. It seemed that even in a loss, WWE tried to make Reigns look as great as possible. During the match with Brock Lesnar, he was beaten to a pulp by The Beast Incarnate. Suplex City opened new condos, and Reigns moved in that night. Many thought that Reigns would still keep his push to the moon going and face off with top guys heading into the summer, where he’d eventually face Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

However, that might not be the case.

WWE has decided to have Reigns take on The Big Show yet again, this time at WWE Extreme Rules in a gimmick match of some sort. Since WWE removed Reigns from the WWE World Title picture for now, there has been a lot of talk of Reigns’ positioning within WWE according to Daily Wrestling News.

There’s a feeling among many within WWE that the company panicked by not putting Reigns over at WrestleMania 31, where he would have won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Many know by now that Rollins’ cashing in his MITB opportunity was a last minute decision, which has been well documented. Creatively, WWE did this simply to get a good reaction for the show. It ended up being far bigger having Reigns lose than win. Most even claimed that WrestleMania had one of it’s best moments in years when Rollins came out.

Sadly, despite the good that came from Reigns not winning the WWE World Title at that point, WWE feels there was an issue in not having him win. It is said that there is internal backlash over the situation. Despite this, it is claimed that Reigns will not win the WWE World Title any time soon.

It is also said that WWE does not know where most of their post-WrestleMania angles and storylines are headed as of yet. It is being described as “up in the air” when it comes to who will do what at this point. The company simply does not have a clear direction as to where they want to go with everything right now. While Reigns’ WrestleMania loss may not be the direct cause of the creative problems all around, many feel that the move being made did affect post-Mania angles WWE creative may have already planned out.

[IMG Credit: WWE.com]