Does Suzanne Somers Quit ‘Dancing With The Stars’? [Video]

Suzanne Somers is a television icon, a fact she referenced last week on Dancing With the Stars. Her performance with partner Tony Dovolani paid homage to her time on Three’s Company, right down to a full-scale replica of the show’s set. Despite her extensive history as a performer and entrepreneur, she has admitted that DWTS has proved to be more of a challenge than she anticipated.

In her blog for People after last week’s performance, Somers revealed that she was not happy with the judges’ scores. Reminding readers that despite her comfort with a stage and a television camera, she is not an expert in the ballroom. She is also steadily getting better week-by-week.

“I think the judges’ comments and scores [adding up to 28 out of 40] were not allowing for the fact that I am improving each week. I am not a dancer, and I am starting at ground zero every Tuesday and giving it my all. So I found their scores somewhat discouraging.”

Now, in a Dancing With the Stars clip provided to E!, Suzanne Somers expresses the extent of her frustration by saying she’s done with the show. After Dovolani suggests they take a break from rehearsing, Suzanne says she doesn’t think she can continue, saying, “I really don’t think I can stay with the show.”

Tony responds, “You don’t seem like a quitter to me,” to which Suzanne says, “I’m just too lousy at it.”

You can have a look at the video below.

If Somers does intend to make Disney night her last one on DWTS, she’s given no indication of that fact on her social media accounts. Over Twitter, she’s encouraged fan votes and said she’s been working hard on the routine.

Suzanne, whose classic product, the Thighmaster, was parodied earlier in the season, showed her sense of humor by retweeting this weekend’s Saturday Night Live parody of one of her home shopping products, the 3-Way Poncho.

Fans will see tonight how Suzanne and Tony fare with the theatrics and musicality of Disney night. They are set to perform a tribute to Lady and the Tramp. The fun gets started on ABC at 8 p.m. eastern and pacific.

[Main image: Suzanne Somers/Instagram]