‘I’m In Love With The CoCo’ Remix About C4 Extreme Pre-Workout Supplement Gains Buzz [Video]

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While Genasis sits at a table cutting up white powder and professes his love for, ahem — baking soda — in his YouTube video, which is closing in on 117 million views since October 13, 2014, the day it was uploaded, the natural bodybuilder’s YouTube parody humorously mocks the way those in the know about the potency of C4 supplements, and how it can make strength-training lovers want to lift for hours per day, and enjoy the “muscle pump” it provides.

“Took four scoops and I went loco. Where am I?”

c4 extreme pre workout where am i scoops

As reported by Rap Genius, a walk through the CoCo lyrics provides a true lesson in the life of a former dealer turned rap superstar hailing from Long Beach, California — approximately 120 miles away from the Mexican border, which could account for all the Spanish slang found in the song. And “CoCo” has apparently earned O.T. enough “ins” and earnings to buy a Tahoe, reports TMZ. The C4 remix, meanwhile, sings the praises of using supplements to help build bigger muscles and get ripped.

“I know nothing but these gainz, though. Pre-workout, I got pre-workout…”

As for the C4 remix, those new lyrics are enough to make a bodybuilder smile as that new YouTube video goes viral in a good way, urging folks to live healthier lifestyles through legal means of getting high on hanging out at the gym and lifting.

“Free shipping!”

With the popularity of high-intensity workout routines gaining steam as fitness trainers post their photos and client results on Instagram, and stars like Rick Ross display successful weight loss from his “RossFit” type of CrossFit routines, as reported by the Inquisitr, expect fitness parodies like these to continue to go viral — especially the funny C4 ones.

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