Lindsay Lohan May Put The Police On Her Mother

Lindsay Lohan is considering calling the police on her mother. She’s been selling Lindsay’s material possessions in an unauthorized “garage” sale.

Lohan’s mother seems to feel that any and everything in her house or her garage is hers to do as she pleases, including selling them. Lindsay, while living in London, chose to store her possessions in Dina’s garage.

Not knowing or seemingly caring about the value of Lindsay’s belongings, her mother has sought to capitalize on her distance. Interestingly, the distance may be coming to a close, as Dina Lohan has conjured up a negotiation with Big Brother UK. This is one reason why Lindsay has been upset with her.

While in London recording during her Oprah docu-series, Lindsay felt that it was time to grow and mature past the life she had lived up to that point. Instead of being there for a short time, Lohan decided that London was the best choice for her advancement. One thing that also helped her was the fact that she was away from her mother.

Once she found out about Dina’s possible relocation to the United Kingdom, Lindsay was not feeling it at all. Nevertheless, Lohan’s mother and her “sale-a-thon” has pushed her daughter to another brink. Getting the police involved is somewhat of a last resort for the actress.

According to TMZ, since she’s found out her mother’s plan, Lohan has been attempting to contact friends so they could go retrieve her things. However, though they are Lindsay’s friends, it’s still Dina’s house. Therein lies an issue with authority and law. Regardless of the things being Lindsay’s, they can’t just barge in Dina’s residence and start taking things.

Yet, some things had been delivered to Lohan’s new residence in London.

When those things arrived, Lindsay’s assistant knew that she would flip once she saw all the belongings. As he predicted, she didn’t want to be seen on camera while going through her things. Likewise, Lohan made everyone leave from the condo.

Her movers weren’t comfortable with it. In fact, they were so uncomfortable that they said they would never deal with movie stars again. While Lindsay is still battling to get her things from her mother, do you think that she’s going to get the rest before Dina sells it all?

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[Photo Credits: Ian Gavan | Getty Image Entertainment]