Bobby Flay Splits: A Tale of Cancelled Credit Cards, A Burst Appendix And Infidelity

As divorces often go, the one between TV chef Bobby Flay and former Law and Order: SVU actress Stephanie March is turning into a war of words in front of the media. And with their split now in full swing, some wretched rumors are coming to light.

But evidently, this split was a long time coming. It all started when March’s appendix burst and Flay sent assistants to comfort her at the hospital, rather than come himself. (He was busy at work) Apparently it was downhill from there and the marriages has “broken down irretrievably,” according to the Daily Mail.

Between accusations of infidelity and spats over support checks, Flay’s ugly split has a lot of moving parts, so let’s take this step by step. First, the prenuptial agreement.

Back in 2005, Bobby and his main squeeze signed the always-romantic prenup, in which the mega-star agreed to $5,000 per month in support for his wife, TMZ. That’s nothing to sneeze at, but the actress found the amount insulting and quickly sent back her first check with a firmly-worded note.

Flay and his wife’s prenup also stipulates that he can buy their $8 million home for just $1 million, plus expenses so March can pack her things. To make matters worse, the actress’ mother is sick at this same home, TMZ added, and if she doesn’t sign a settlement agreement, she can’t say there.

Also on the financial front, Page Six reported that Flay has allegedly cancelled the couple’s credit cards – which March uses to buy food and pet supplies. A source told the gossip site that this provision was also part of the prenup, but she calls Bobby’s alleged move “bullying through economic warfare.”

On to the accusations of infidelity. The Mail claimed that both sides are claiming the other is a cheater. Flay hasn’t named any names, but rumors have circulated before that Bobby had a dalliance with January Jones and TV chef Giada De Laurentiis; she is also in the midst of a divorce.

Flay denied a connection with Jones (though he was on the scene when she got into a car accident in 2010); March has also denied she was unfaithful.

If the rumor mill is to be believed, the collapse of Bobby Flay’s 10 year marriage (and this is the third time he has split from a wife) is going to be a nasty one indeed. And amid all these rumors of malice is this final detail: Flay is allegedly trying to force the actress to tell the world their split is a friendly one, TMZ added.

“Bobby is sad the situation has come to this and does not wish to add the unfortunate public airing of very private issues,” a source told Page Six.

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