Leah Messer Divorce: Jeremy Calvert Favorites Tweet About Relationship Loss While Leah ‘Stays Positive’

Leah Messer-Calvert and Jeremy Calvert may not have yet confirmed that they have split, but more and more signs point to there being trouble in the relationship. While some fans are assuming that this means a divorce is in sight, Leah isn’t letting much bring her down these days and is working hard to stay positive despite the drama going on in her life.

This past weekend, the Teen Mom 2 star traveled to Nashville, Tennessee, where her daughters took part in a cheerleading competition. Leah’s Official Fanpage on Facebook posted that the team took home first place. Leah looked great in photos shared on the page, and her daughters looked like they had a good time. Jeremy did not appear to attend the competition, however.

Rumors that the couple has been having issues have been swirling since late last year when reports that Leah Messer had cheated on her husband emerged. Leah denied the reports, but that didn’t stop things from spiraling downward. Jeremy Calvert started to talk to another woman on Twitter, even going as far as to make plans to meet up with her. The plans fell through, and he eventually stopped talking to her after Leah confronted the woman on Twitter and the Teen Mom 2 couple appeared to be working things out. However, a new tweet favorited by Jeremy Calvert suggests that not everything is going good with his relationship.

The tweet was sent to Jeremy and told him that he will “find someone who truly loves and cares” for him. It also said that “her loss” will be “someone else’s gain.” Jeremy follows the woman on the social networking site, but it is unclear how they know each other. Nevertheless, tweeting with other women is what sparked speculation that there was trouble in his marriage in the past.

Meanwhile, Leah Messer is trying to remain positive through everything and took to Twitter to share that sentiment.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Leah reportedly moved out of the home that she shares with Jeremy. A source explained to InTouch (via Radar Online) that Jeremy has had a “hard time” getting over the past and that the couple has been fighting. While in Nashville, it appears that Leah Messer took some time to unwind and spent time with friends for a night out.

Leah Messer-Calvert is currently filming for a sixth season of Teen Mom 2 with MTV. It is unclear when the show will air, but it seems that cameras may be there to capture some of the marital drama going on in her life.

[Image: via Twitter]