LeAnn Rimes Proudly Shows Off Stretch Marks, Encourages Women To Wear Thong Bikinis [Photo]

LeAnn Rimes believes that less is more when it comes to bikinis. Instead of covering up flaws with extra material, the country crooner is encouraging women everywhere to let it all hang out by rocking thongs on the beach.

According to Fox News, LeAnn Rimes inspired a discussion about women’s bodies and beachwear when she posted the photo below on Instagram. It was taken during her recent Spring break vacay with husband Eddie Cibrian.

LeAnn Rimes Bikini Stretch Marks

A fan asked LeAnn if her bikini bottoms are a thong, and the singer apparently assumed that the fan was asking because the stretch marks on the sides of her butt are visible.

“They don’t cover it all but (no pun intended) it doesn’t look good on women when you have too much material,” LeAnn wrote in response to the question. “I hope to help all women embrace their bodies and be proud of their curves, stretch marks… Whatever! (Stretch marks I have) To have a ‘bikini body’ you must put a bikini on your body!!”

LeAnn Rimes is likely sensitive to comments about how she looks in a swimsuit because she’s read plenty of negative words about her body. According to the Huffington Post, she was criticized for looking scary skinny during her 2011 honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas. After a fan observed that her bones are visible in the photos below, Rimes responded by writing, “those are called abs, not bones love.”

LeAnn Rimes Honeymoon Bikini

LeAnn tried to reassure her fans that she was eating plenty during her honeymoon by raving about the junk food that she chowed down on at the airport, and it looks like she’s doing something similar now.

LeAnn certainly hasn’t let criticism of her body stop her from posting bikini photos. As the Inquisitr previously reported, she celebrated the beginning of her Spring break by sharing what she labeled her first “gratuitous” bikini photo of the year. It featured Rimes rocking an extremely teeny bikini.

Unfortunately, LeAnn had to cut her Spring break vacay short to get back to work. The Daily Mail recently labeled her the “breadwinner” of her family, and it took a dig at Eddie Cibrian by pointing out his light work load. While Eddie continues to hunt for acting jobs, LeAnn will be busy performing in six upcoming concerts. However, judging from her past social media behavior, she’ll still find plenty of time to post more bikini photos.

Do you agree with LeAnn Rimes that skimpier swimsuits always look better, or can a little more coverage be a good thing?

[Image credits: LeAnn Rimes/Instagram]