Mariah Carey: Smoking Hot New Album Cover Makes 45 Look 28

On Mariah Carey’s new album cover, as she makes a comeback, she looks similar to how she did in her 20s. Carey’s photo surely says that she’s not done yet.

Mariah is known in the music community as a songbird. When you hear her seemingly-never-ending high range, you generally don’t have to question who’s behind it.

Though recently Carey’s encountered a bit of competition with popstar Ariana Grande, she’s determined to show the coach that she’s not quite ready to ride the bench.

While Mariah has been thought to be a bit curvier than this photo depicts, she resembles the old Carey her fans and listeners knew and loved. That didn’t stop Mariah’s fans from giving praise, via Twitter. Some of her fans refer to her, in so many words, as a goddess.

Mariah Carey‘s comeback has stirred so much on the social media platform due to a campaign called “#RevealMariah.”

When you have enough number 1’s to fill 2 albums!!! @MariahCarey is career goals tbh ❤️ #1toInfinity

— Ivn (@VodkaIvn) April 13, 2015

Essentially, as can be seen in one of the aforementioned tweets, depending on how many retweets Carey received about her new album, she would reveal more of the cover as the day progressed. Well, she must’ve reached the number she hoped, because she revealed her toned look for the masses.

In other songbird-news, though Mariah is beyond “paid,” this new album could be one that’s done for expression purposes, not to say her other ones haven’t been. However, Carey’s been going through a lot with the recent split-up from Nick Cannon. According to Daily Mail Online, a family friend came out with some interesting news about Mariah’s ex.

“It was recently revealed Nick had signed and sealed a deal to write a tell-all book about his marriage to the superstar.

Mariah rejected Nick’s numerous demands for a $30 million divorce settlement, so now he’s writing the book — saying he plans to get his payday for being married to her one way or another — and there is nothing she can do about it because he already signed the deal with major publishing company Simon & Schuster, a family friend told Daily Mail Online.

The publishing company confirmed to Daily Mail Online that the book is being published by Gallery Books, an imprint of the high-powered organisation.”

So, in the same manner Carey wrote “Obsessed” about a would-be stalker, maybe she would do an album about an ex-husband?

Mariah Carey - Age 45 And Still Smoking Hot - Looking 28
Credits: Mariah Carey | Instagram

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[Photo Credits: Christopher Polk / Getty Images Entertainment]