A Monkey Takes Care Of Puppies In Adorable Viral Video [Video]

Capuchin Monkey

Turns out monkeys are more similar to humans than we might have thought. This particular Capuchin monkey pets his new puppies the way any human owner would. It’s just far more adorable when a monkey does it.

This viral video from user Jesse Lightfoot has gotten over two million views on YouTube since being posted on March 25.

According to Kpop Starz, one social media user wondered if there was something deeper going on in the video.

“Aside from the cuteness factor this video is interesting in that it highlights how primates derive pleasure from petting dogs. It makes you wonder what biochemistry or synopsis are firing that make this a pleasurable act.”

Of course, this particular monkey isn’t the first animal to adopt outside of its own species.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, one Dalmatian dog adopted a baby lamb after it became orphaned. In that situation, the lamb was a rare type that had white and black hair, closely resembling a Dalmatian.

According to NDTV, there was also a baby panda that was rejected by its mother and subsequently raised by a domestic cat. A Black Labrador also adopted a baby tiger and two fawns and raised them along side her own puppy.

It looks like the animal kingdom isn’t completely a dog-eat-dog world. The only question remaining is if the Capuchin monkey was petting the little puppies or checking them for ticks and other parasites to eat.

[Image Credit: Getty Images]