Josh Gad Joins James Corden For A ‘Let It Go’ Surprise

Let It Go

“Let It Go,” the hit song from the Disney movie Frozen, is easily recognized. Now, “Let It Go” is being parodied.

USA Today reports that during James Corden’s monologue on his The Late Late Show Wednesday night, Corden introduced Frozen voice star Josh Gad, who was in the audience. Once Gad was found in the audience. After some banter, Gad started singing, soon followed by Corden.

The duo took the effort to sing parodied versions of “In Summer,” “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?,” “Fixer Upper,” and “For the First Time in Forever.” At first skeptical, Corden played along with Gad, and it became late night gold.

Hollywood Life is reporting that Josh Gad was trying to break away from the “Let It Go” monstrosity and was at Corden’s show to promote Gad’s new show, The Comedians. However, when you have something as worthy as this, the new show could wait. Gad, who voiced the character Olaf in Frozen, plus a few other characters, gave Corden’s monologue a touch of the “Let It Go” treatment.

The duo began with Olaf’s song in the movie, “In Summer.” The pair altered the lyrics to incorporate The Late Late Show: “I would be the happiest person on TV with millions of people watching me in late night.”

Next up is the playful “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?” Corden changed the main lyric to “Can I help you host the show, man?” That was followed by “Fixer Upper” an appropriate song reflecting the condition of the studio since Corden took over. And it does need work. Lastly, the duo ended with “For The First Time In Forever,” adding appropriate lyrics. “Hilary Clinton said today, she’s sorry she threw those emails away, it’s just she’s in the liberal delete,” and “Ted Cruz has seen his numbers swell, polling suggests he’s doing well, among those people he has yet to meet.”

Corden, who took over for Craig Ferguson earlier this year, is attempting to distance himself from the previous show. Corden and his crew came up with a brilliant plan for Corden’s very first show. Corden and first show guest star Tom Hanks put together a live montage acting out almost every movie was ever in. The tape got out, and then the clip went viral. It was easy to tell that both actors enjoyed the experience. And, they did it without singing” Let It Go.”

It also makes one ponder what the show has in store for the viewers this year.

[Image courtesy of E Buzz New]