Sandra Bullock’s Stalker Issue Is Not Over, 911 Call Released

Fans are known for heavily supporting celebrities in everything they do, and Sandra Bullock is no exception. But quite contrary to the formal idea of what a fan represents is Sandra’s stalker, a man who claimed to be madly in love with her. Last June, Joshua James Corbett invaded Bullock’s home, and the two are still battling in court almost a year last.

In June of 2014, Sandra reportedly awoke and proceeded as normal, until she realized that there was a man in her home with whom she came face to face. After running, the actress hid in a closet, where she called police. In a hearing on Thursday, the 911 call was finally released, according to CNN.

The on-going court situation is revealing more and more details about Sandra Bullock’s creepy stalker incident. Bullock’s home security footage showed Corbett stalking Sandra outside of her home for several days before he actually made an attempt to enter. During the time he was outside of her property, Corbett reportedly wrote in a spiral notebook while closely watching her windows. Later, the confiscated notebook revealed love letters Corbett had written for Sandra. One of the letters was recently released for public record.


The shocking part of the letter is the way Joshua James Corbett chose to address it. He wrote, “Always and Forever, Love, Your Husband,” a chilling delusion. On Thursday, police also entered into evidence the infamous spiral notebook comprised of 25 written declarations of love to Sandra Bullock from Corbett.

The eerie court hearing ended on a continual note, with the judge stating that Joshua James Corbett should stand trial for stalking and burglary. Finally, a plea for mercy from Corbett’s attorney claiming that Joshua had no intentions of harming Sandra Bullock was shot down due to additional evidence that Corbett had an obsession with weaponry.

‘There is nothing in there about harming her. The people are trying to make more of the case than there is.”

Throughout this entire ordeal, Corbett has only spoken through a lawyer. Photographs from Thursday show that Corbett does have some sort of say in the way his case is handled.


But what it the likeliness that he will get off? With video evidence, written evidence, and Sandra’s testimony, it seems like Corbett will be found guilty of at least one charge. So far, there are no set dates for the trial, which will decide if Joshua James Corbett is guilty of stalking Sandra Bullock.

[Images via CNN and Fox News]